This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Free Hawaii Talk Story 9/30

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  • Christopher Sorrell

    Mahalo hou for our meetings at the Queen’s Birthday and at the DOI summation at the UH. Now, I was thinking and just want to throw out a few ideas in the arena, as it were. I am for an independent Scotland, basically so her subjects can decide their own destinies: as pleasant or difficult. Now, if Scotland does gain independence a few things:
    1. Will the Kingdom of Hawai’i reflect the change – a modern occurrence, after all, the Kingdom of Hawai’i is extant and in the 21st century; so should the flag be changed to below to reflect the present UK change? It’s like the HK actively participating sans US in the International community without the occupier/parents approval…after all issues have been raised to the World Court and such?
    2. If Scotland becomes Independent would it be in the HK’s interest to approach her, and educate her to our mo’olelo: history, past and present and (whatever status Treaties in the past effect the present with the just free Scotland)…
    3. open up an Embassy, or such like?

    Again, Mahalo for you work, everyone.

    Me Ka Pono,

    Christopher S/an undocumented illegal alien in the HK, humourously speaking!

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Please note: By “Flag…below” it is without the blue coulour field in the Union cross portion of the Hawaiian Kingdom Flag

  • 4myohana

    Been watching professor chang and keala on kmh part 2… ‘SHOW ME THE TITLE”…
    Great idea to save the aina… 11 min mark how to save mauna wakea

    Time to end the bs

  • Luana

    I have so much respect for Leon Siu and his colleagues who’ve been at the front for so many years. I was glad to see on video he attended the DOI Aftermath Talk at UH Law School. Will this event include attendance by others who’ve been prominent in the movement? I realize there are some differences in ideologies of the various patriots but I think we have a great opportunity to engage and galvanize the awakening community around the shared ideas/ideals. Speaking only for me, I am hoping for ways to create mass movement toward commonalities – and really dispelling the notions by detractors that we can’t unify. Aloha.

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