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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Proof the U.S. planned and executed the overthrow

Everyone needs to watch this.

Remember this clause from the Apology?

Whereas, on January 14, 1893, John L. Stevens (hereafter referred to in this Resolution as the “United States Minister”), the United States Minister assigned to the sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of the Kingdom of Hawaii, including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii;

Well it turns out, the conspiracy went far beyond Stevens. He was just the fall guy, along with the local military commander.

Whereas, the report of a Presidentially established investigation conducted by former Congressman James Blount into the events surrounding the insurrection and overthrow of January 17, 1893, concluded that the United States diplomatic and military representatives had abused their authority and were responsible for the change in government;

Whereas, as a result of this investigation, the United States Minister to Hawaii was recalled from his diplomatic post and the military commander of the United States armed forces stationed in Hawaii was disciplined and forced to resign his commission;

But now through some amazing research Buzzy Agard has uncovered a document that proves that the United States government and military didn’t just “support” the overthrow, they actively planned and executed it, from the very top.  Watch…. (good to get the background but at 19:55 is the actual document)

Aloha Aina Talk story with host Anne Keala Kelly delves into the hard to hear facts discovered by our Aloha Aina (Hawaiian Patriot) warriors who are on the mission to see a Free and Independent Hawaii Restored. In this show, Keala Kelly talks story with Uncle Buzzy about his lifelong work to expose Dispatch 74, a coded telegram and a decoder he found amongst all his research between here and Baltimore, Maryland.

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  • Luana

    Mahalo nui, Uncle Buzzy, for your deep mana’o and aloha. These powerful gifts of patriots of his generation will echo through those that follow.

  • Jonathan Davis

    Another game changer! This changes everything! It definitely implicates a lot more than just the original so called Committee of Safety and Minister Stevens. Things are going to unravel sooner than later. I can’t wait! We seek the truth! Because. The truth will set you free!

  • Frank

    This evidentiary report is an epic. The ramifications we are now witnessing. The great unraveling is showing us the cunning complicity on the part of the United States in the overthrow of our peaceful country. Mahalo nui ia Keala Kelly and Uncle Buzzy Agard for all your hard work in providing us vital information on our path toward Restoration. Long live the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  • Because of the U.S. presence here,i.e. illegal occupation, beautiful, feminine Hawaii full of natural beauty and a kindness rarely seen elsewhere (Aloha) is beset with the display of physical strength in action at the expense of being. Mahalo Kupuna Buzzy.

  • 4myohana

    Oh….. my…. god..:-) 🙂 🙂 it is true… the pen is mightier then the sword… 100 year old books… secret codes… it’s like an indiana movie… kanaka style

    Mahalo uncle buzzy… 4 seeking the truth
    Mahalo keala… love you in this roll

    Aloha aina… 4 sharing

  • WIN808


    It appears that the U.S. is on a very slippery slope!
    Goes to show, you just don’t know what you don’t know!
    From a U.S. backed unlawful overthrow of the Hawaiian
    Kingdom to a full blown U.S. initiated coup d’etat!
    Ha haa! It gets better as we get closer to he huli!

    Long live the Hawaiian Kingdom!


  • Hi, I am unable to find Agard’s book or website. I would like to purchase his book.

  • Bronson

    I always knew that America’s Govt. was affiliated with the overthrow, this is the confirmation… Thanks uncle, the question is, what will it take for our people to wake up? The answer is education..

  • Tane

    The pivotal character in this intrigue was the U.S. Secretary of State James Gillespie Blaine which they never shed light on. His old friend, John Levitt Stevens, a fellow pro-annexationist, incited citizens of Paraguay and Uruguay to topple their governments and annex themselves to the USA. Once discovered, he was kicked out of those countries and the US sent him to Sweden until things cooled down. When Blaine was ready, he sent newly appointed US minister to Hawaii to carry out their plot. Blaine had been in communication with Thurston for a few years and encouraged him to destabilize the Hawaiian Kingdom’s government without setting international precedent. Hence the Bayonet constitution was executed. Stevens was in communication with Thurston and set the date for the event and used the ploy of American lives and property was in peril to land the troops. Prior when things were set, Stevens conveyed to Washington that “the fruit was ripe to pluck” President Ben Harrison was aware of the plot and approved of it; anxiously awaiting for the treaty of annexation so he could introduce it to congress before his term was done. After al transpired, he submitted the treaty; but Cleveland withdrew it which sent Harrison into a fit. May 31, 1894, the Turpie Resolution was passed which threatened U.S. officials, including Cleveland, and all nations to not intervene in the Hawaii Situation for it would be an unfriendly act against the United States. Fortunately, the Ku’e Petitions of 1897 answered the other part of the Turpie Resolution which defeated the 2nd treaty of annexation which was submitted and rejected by congress. Sen Morgan had exonerated US involvement and put the blame entirely on the Queen. In 1898, McKinley signed the unlawful Newlands Resolution and the rest is history.

  • Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono (A vida da terra é perpetuada através da justiça)

    Obrigado Dr. Keanu Sai!

    Marcelo Caverna
    São Paulo – Brasil

  • Kaipo

    Where do I buy this book?

  • Earl Strvens-Britos

    I understand more now with this information given thanks to you Louis aka Buzzy!. Also known as E’ala to our Hawaii community. I would like to kuka-kuka with Louis aka Buzzy of the key points he so clearly described. I can be reached at (808) 7540001. Also please tell me where can I purchase this book. Mahalo and Akua’s blessing be with you, and to the world at large who love and support our Queen Liliokalani and our islands and families of all generation. Yours truly Kahuna E’ala of Ka’u and Ko’olaupoko.

  • 4myohana

    there must be a line forming 4 this book… i’m not sure… but did any body try native books…
    aloha aina

    long live the hawaiian kingdom

  • I’ve listened to and watched the above video several times and am confused about who wrote the Dispatch. Buzzy says it was Stevens and that it went to the Sec’y of the Navy, but the message he decoded and was read by Anne consists of orders to the captain of a naval ship. What makes it especially clear that the message was not written by Stevens is that it instructs, “Assist United States Foreign Affairs [Minister] Stevens.” The question is who wrote this and to whom was it sent.

  • I forgot to ask for notification of follow up comments to my previous post. please send them to me at

  • John, I had the same question, the message couldn’t have been from Minister Stevens, I think she was mistaken about that, I have to do a little more research myself to clearly understand, but another page in the book says it was sent from Port Townsend Washington.

  • Frank

    Mahalo nui to everyone on this blog stream. The resonance of your concerns will eventually reach critical mass and move the national newswires to inform the world of our Hawaiian Kingdom Restoration. It is inevitable and yes, education is key. We must all do our part to Kokua and make it happen promptly. The truth shall set us free.

  • Tane

    I’ve researched this for over fifty years and have been putting the information out for decades. Remember, James Gillespie Blaine was the Secretary of State that spearheaded everything with the support of their President Harrison and the pro-annexationists in U.S. Congress. It would have to be the Secretary of State From the Department of State that would give credence of U.S. Ministers authority to act on behalf of the United States. Follow the hierarchy of authority within the U.S. government. As facts unravel, more historical actions are revealed to show U.S.A. culpability of that era. As they say loose lips sink ships and the arrogance of communicating openly in their country thinking we’d never find out is foolhardy. Follow the dots with their side comments and you’ll discover some of the players in this insidious plot.

  • Tane

    It’s quite plausible that Stevens showed his credentials to Secy of the Navy and had him forward the instructions prior to Stevens’ arrival in Hawaii.

  • mamo martin

    Thank you Kupuna Agard for your wonderful research of our hawaiian history. I have learned more here with you and Keala Kelly and would like to know more. Where can I get your book? I don’t want to stop learning about our hawaiian history. Mahalo nui loa

  • Pilipo

    Mahalo piha Anakala Buzzy Agard, truly a TruthSeeker! The transposed decoded communication No. 74 indicated that after the U. S. S. Boston went to induced fear into the Hawaiian people of the Islands Hawaii, Maui and Kauai they were to sailed into Honolulu Harbor and await further Orders. Due to the delays in “ship to ship” communications of the time those “further Orders” came after or with the Boston moored in Honolulu Harbor, or via another U. S. Naval vessel, or a Commercial vessel with a “Spy” on board or the “further Orders” had already been with U. S. Minister John Stevens. Don’t ever think these snakes had only one plan. If they could plan for Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor in 1941, invading the Hawaiian Nation in 1893 was a “drop in a bucket”! I have heard of messages that monitored and reported every day 24/7 of life in the Hawaiian Nation to U. S. Naval and State Departments. Where do you think OHA learned their Deceit from?

  • Tane

    Despite the various issues the U.S. Government had to contend with, the was a faction concentrating on the Hawaiian issues. Pro-annexationists in Congress; The Executive Branch (Department of State; and in Boston, The Hawaiian Club which kept pace with the resources, political climate, statistics, census, and every aspect of the Hawaiian kingdom. This Hawaiian Club was influential in Congress and would lobby for possession of Hawaii. The missionary board also played a big part in both the Hawaiian Club and fed current data regarding the Hawaiian Islands. Stevens in the end, became the sacrificial lamb to cover up the covert and overt operations to seize the Hawaiian Kingdom’s government. Stevens already had the reputation of inciting people to takeover their governments and annex themselves to the U.S. as was the case in Paraguay and Uruguay. James Blaine and Sen. Morgan played a bigger part than what the U.S. paints; so as not to cause international precedent. What was difficult to wrest the Hawaiian government from the people was that it was active in the international arena and conducted itself as an independent nation. It’s national currency, Universal postal union, consuls and legations around the world, its neutrality recognition which it helped formulate, gave Hawaii a distinction as a peer within the family of nations. Kalakaua’s trip around the world was greatly discouraged and feared that he would solidify Hawaii’s recognition and relations. They were insistent that he wouldn’t present himself as King and be just a traveler interested in sightseeing and for his health. He assured them; but secretly stored his refinements onboard the ship he would be traveling on. The American businessmen in Hawaii were also upset that he would create the raiment and refinery comparable to the monarchs of the world so the people would respect the symbols of our status that other countries would recognize and respect. This made the takeover of Hawaii more complex and difficult to overcome. Blaine had to rework his plan without setting international precedent. He kept in contact with Thurston. One can see the depth of the collaboration. The U.S. desperately needed Hawaii in its expansion and to ward of British and Canadian meddling. It was a tense time in Hawaii and the islanders were wary and concerned with American activities within the islands.

  • Pilipo

    Aloha kakou he Hawaii au,
    I highly recommend people of truth go to for articles about the “brown people” especially that of Mr. Dole in 1902. When I was in the U.S. Military I found that out my self. “If you white you alright, if you brown, you may stick around, if you black get back” I told my First Sargent what about people like me who are beige, and he said we haven’t worked on that color yet?

  • Sandy Scally White

    Where can I order Buzzy Agard’s Book for my husband?
    Mahalo nui loa

  • Sandy, I’m not sure, I found a copy online for myself, but it wasn’t easy. It is out of print so you have to look around and try to find a used copy. Here are some library locations where it can be checked out, if you’re in Hawaii.

  • […] Louis “Buzzy” Agard, with 27 comments) Hawaiian Kingdom Independence Blog, 30 August 2014 10. “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq”, By: Stephen Kinzer, […]

  • John

    Has anyone found a source for the 500 page 2014 version of this book?

  • Scott Crawford

    I only see the 1982 version in the library catalog.

  • John

    Correct but the video references a 500-page update with information on the coded cable etc. The author is the publisher, he has died and so it seems there is no information about where to find the book referenced in the video.

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