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WashTimes: Hawaiians split on movement to recognize Native Hawaiians

Washington Times has an article on the possible federal recognition of Native Hawaiians via executive order, given the inability to gain passage of the formerly so-called Akaka Bill in Congress, and a petition opposing the process.

Hawaii Democrats are pushing the White House to give formal tribal recognition to Native Hawaiians, but some Native Hawaiians are pushing back.

Advocates of Hawaiian independence have posted a petition on the White House’s We the People website asking President Obama to reject Democratic pleas to grant them tribal status via executive order.

The petition, created Aug. 27, contends that the attempt to “transform our Hawaiian identity is an unconstitutional, race-based action; a clear breach and violation of our perfect right denying our due process under law.”


1 comment to WashTimes: Hawaiians split on movement to recognize Native Hawaiians

  • Noa Napoleon

    What if Obama is willing to make a deal with the independents groups?
    How will we treat that scenario??

    And what if Obama calls all the factions to come together
    to hammer out a process?

    What would an executive order look like then?

    All Iʻm saying is what if we play to his sense of fairness and thereby cause him to appreciate a
    process that is honest? Might he do what until now only I have been suggesting can and must happen?
    An American President imo, is far more prudent to satisfy justice in good faith, as opposed to a legal
    battle where the US, will lose anyway. On the other hand, if Obama does the executive order, that new action will be grounds for
    new action right? Isnʻt that the real reason for the petition? To buttress a claim?

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