This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Reinstated Hawaiian nation

Molokai Dispatch has an article on Henry Noa and the reinstated Hawaiian nation.

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  • Ken Ng

    From the ashes of the US empire will arise sovereign nations. From the ruins of globalisation will arise independence and true freedom. Bring it on!

  • Rich C

    My aunt became part of the Sioux Nation in a desperate attempt to help however she could. She devoted her life. She died and had a traditional ceremony. I did not understand as I was young. But now. After seeing what has been done to the Hawaiian nation it is very clear to me. Long live Kanaka Maoli. Never accept the crumbs of what “America” has to offer. No matter what “deal” they promise. Aloha, Aloha, Aloha….

  • Matthew Hall

    On a recent trip to Maui my wife and I were threatened and told that if we did not leave something bad was going to happen to us. We were on a new public street looking at lots for sale in the area north of the Lahina Pia Trail Head. We never even got out of our car. Do Hawaians endorse this type of behavior? Are they diliberately making the area undesirable by chuming the water at swiming beaches, obducting main landers and ruining personal property in an effort to get something they are not entiteled to? I think they are.

  • Rich C.

    Matt I am sorry to hear of your experience. I wish I could comment on what happened not only to you but to the Hawaiian Nation when U.S. Marines took the islands at Waikiki under the rule of Queen. I cant condone either but I would not just look at this from one side. Hawaii is a very proud country in which horrible things have happened. Perhaps if you have time take a look at The United States of Hypocrisy. Produced by Ken Nichols O’Keefe in early 2001, this is the virtually unknown story of Hawaii and the hidden Genocide being committed by the American government with the use of ‘blood quantum’ for the purpose of eliminating the Hawaiian national; and the reason America does this? Because according to their own laws, America never lawfully annexed Hawaii*, therefore according to law Hawaii never became a state, and if the Hawaiian land was never lawfully annexed, the only true claimant to the land, is the Hawaiian national.
    Could Hawaii become a free nation once more? Nichols O’Keefe not only argues the possibility, he shows the peaceful, lawful process by which the Hawaiians (kanaka maoli) intend to free themselves of the American occupation; an occupation that has lasted well over 100 years, an occupation that has turned their island paradise nation into an American Empire military outpost, one that continues to be used as a staging ground for wars of aggression resulting in ever more death and destruction.

    In 2008 the legislature of the reinstated Hawaiian Government (with Representative Ken O’Keefe of District 6, Oahu) passed a law that outlaws all weapons of mass destruction in Hawaii. In this bold move the Hawaiian Government has reached out to the world to see just how serious we are about ending imperialism and American domination of the world. Thus far the world continues to be oblivious to this cause and O’Keefe argues is missing one of the greatest opportunities of our time to affect disarmament and increase the chances for peace.

    * Annexation was affected by joint resolution because the two/thirds majority that was needed to annex territory was not possible. In addition, the US Congress confessed in UNITED STATES PUBLIC LAW 103-150 that Hawaii was obtained by a conspiracy to overthrow the lawful government of Hawaii and furthermore that the Hawaiian people and nation have never relinquished title to their national lands. And to add to that, the anti-annexation petition that was circulated at the time of the proposed annexation of Hawaii to the United States had the signature of virtually every single Hawaiian living at that time.

    Let me know what you think Matt. Aloha.

  • Gerard Bentryn

    I am a white man living in WA state. I had a number of Hawaiian friends when I was in the army 50 years ago. I first came to Maui about six years ago at the invitation of a non native friend. I just came back from my second trip to Maui. This trip I had Parkinson’s and an even rarer disease called Cushing’s. Together, they made if difficult to walk, so I spent most of my time talking to people. What I saw were hundreds of streets with Hawaiian names and no Hawaiians living on them. I made friends with a very kind Hawaiian lady who made me some lau lau. I had not eaten them in many years. I also saw a number of hand painted signs about Hawaiian independence. The Native Americans here have treaty rights that enable them to run casinos and sell gasoline and cigarets at a lower price than white people. I think the loss of land the native Hawaiians are suffering is unfair. My family lost land to the communists in Poland so I am sensitive to losing land. I am not some bleeding heart liberal, just a person who does not like seeing other people getting screwed.

    By the way, is there any way to try to trace down my old army friends? Names were Gordon Ampong, —–Sakamoto, Harry Urmaneta, Melvin Martinez, —- Souza. They would be in their sixties now if they are still alive. I don’t know which island they came from. I was married when I knew them and they often came to my apartment where my wife and I tried to help them in their homesickness.

  • Makaio D

    The Hawaiian Kingdom Government has been reinstated and by law is the rightful government of the Hawaiian Islands. It is time for the BIG BULLY (United States Of America) to back off and allow the Hawaiian Nationals to do what is necessary for all Kanaka… We are a country not based on the “WHITE MAN,BLACK MAN”, native this and that blood quantum B.S. we are more than just a Native race,we are a nation of many people. to say the Hawaiian Nation is made up only of Hawaiians by blood is really stupid. We Hawaiians are accepting of any one who wish to become apart of our people whether they are by blood or not, no matter the color or national origins cause once you’re Hawaiian you are Hawaiian. by blood you are a Kanaka Maoli regardless of percentage and if you are Hawaiian not by origin you are simply a Kanaka Hawaii.We are not Natives to be compared to the Native American Indians… We actually signed treaties and was recognized as a legitimate Nation around the world not limited to some U.S.A reservation to be put on and called a self-governing nation under another sovereign nation… As many can see many of us want to continue our allegiance to the Hawaiian Kingdom not be apart of the U.S.A because with them they took wrongful advantage of our Aloha and deceived us all as a nation and because of that now our own people are divided against each other not able to come together being told lies that if we become independent we’ll all have to go back to being in grass shacks again with no electricity and no running water to scare the rest of the Kanaka into being afraid of unity and independence with their own people of the Hawaiian Kingdom….. SHAME AMERICA!!!

  • Michelle

    Makaio D, Gerard Bentryn, Rich C: spot on. Thank you for your eloquence.

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