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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Pursuing Hawaiian Sovereignty in the Time of Trump

Trisha Kehaulani Watson has a column in Civil Beat questioning the status of the push for federal under the Trump administration, and arguing for the importance of considering all options, including independence:

On one level independence seems unimaginable, and there are real questions as to whether Hawaii has enough of an economic base to be self-reliant. There’s no doubting that many Pacific Island nation states rely heavily on foreign aid, which begs the question of whether we wouldn’t be worse off if we were independent.

Yet, we need to at least begin to recognize that our current model is highly problematic. We continue to waste and ruin natural resources at an alarming rate. The wealth gap in Hawaii seems unbridgeable. A solution to the housing crisis continues to elude us.

This was the biggest problem of the race to federal recognition, it denied us the time and opportunity to have the hard conversations. It denied us the space to educate ourselves and each other about our needs and our future.

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  • Susan J Warner

    The Hawaiian Kingdom still exists today despite the US Military illegal occupation of 125 years in support of the fake 50th state of the United States of King Trump…
    The independent neutral nation state of the Hawaiian Kingdom has been proven to exist since 1843 which has been acknowledged by both the UN and the International Court of Arbitration… in fact if the Court of King Trump had not cancelled the visas of the International Criminal Court, the ICC would be preparing indictments of war crimes against the former United States…
    Shame on all who would support any descendant of the subjects and naturalized citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 to pursue “independence” and/or “sovereignty” from the Court of King Trump, formerly known as the United States of America…
    Shame on you all…

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