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Dr. Keanu Sai to Present Hawai‘i’s Occupation to Swiss Diplomats in Zurich

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Dr. Keanu Sai to Present Hawai‘i’s Occupation to Swiss Diplomats in Zurich

Posted on September 11, 2013 by Hawaiian Kingdom

The Swiss Diplomats – Zurich Network has invited Dr. Keanu Sai to the city of Zurich to give a presentation on the prolonged and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The title of Dr. Sai’s presentation is “Hawai‘i – An American State or a State Under American Occupation.” Professor Niklaus Schweizer, a former Swiss Consul for Hawai‘i and a professor at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, will be giving the introduction. After the presentation there will be a panel discussion comprised of Dr. Sai, Professor Schweizer, and former Swiss Ambassador to the United States and Germany, Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer. The presentation and panel is scheduled for Monday, November 11, 2013.

On July 20, 1864, the Hawaiian Kingdom entered into a Treaty of Friendship, Establishment and Commerce with Switzerland that established perpetual peace and reciprocal liberties. Article 1 states: “Hawaiians shall be received and treated in every canton of the Swiss Confederation, as regards their persons and their properties, on the same footing and in the same manner as now are or may hereafter be treated, the citizens of other cantons. The Swiss shall enjoy in the Hawaiian Islands all the same rights as Hawaiians in Switzerland.” The treaty was negotiated on behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom by Sir John Bowring, who was a Knight Bachelor of Great Britain and Commander of the Order of Leopold of Belgium. The Hawaiian-Swiss Treaty has not been terminated by either the Hawaiian Kingdom or the Swiss Confederation.

The Diplomatic Network is aware of the Hawaiian-Swiss Treaty, the Hawaiian arbitration, Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom, at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague, Netherlands, from 1999-2001, the Hawaiian complaint filed with the United Nations Security Council in 2001, and the Hawaiian protest and demand filed with the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. Dr. Sai served as lead agent in the arbitration proceedings and the filings with the United Nations.

3 comments to Dr. Keanu Sai to Present Hawai‘i’s Occupation to Swiss Diplomats in Zurich

  • Deldrene Herron

    Hana hou. Been with the monement since 1974. Hope to see it come to fruition in my lifetime. Im a 65 year old kupuna and don’t like the idea of someone seeing my name on some “list” a hundred years from now and saying, ” too bad Hawaiians were wiped out”. At least my grandsons will know that their tutu wahine was a warrior. Pehea na koa ‘ Hawaii? Right here ; right now. Aloha mai Keanu Sai. Know that your kupuna stand beside you and I know your parents are very proud. IMUA!!!

  • kenng

    One brick at a time.

  • Jacob Kanoi Keaweaheulu

    Would like to have more info on my Kanakamaoli Status and would like to be informed on my Right, this U.S. Occupation has got to End. I’m a U.S. Army Aviation Vietnam Veteran of 14 years and you talk about Indoctrination and Brain Wash, and being a Slave for this U.S. Government all my life, being lied to,and Deprived of my Culture, and my Basic Human Right as a Kanakamaoli enough is enough, and I am Educating my self for the Past and Present Wrong Doing of this Foreighn Government. Did not the So called State Government,Mayors,Governors,Supreme Court Justices,Congressmen, past and present know about this Occupation,What such cover up.Mahalo Nui , Malama Pono

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