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Akaka Bill passes House

Advertiser reportsThe Akaka bill was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives this evening by a vote of 245-164.” No surprise there, it has passed the House before but gotten hung up in the Senate. Fate there still uncertain.

3 minute audio clip on Abercrombie discussing the power of Hawaii in relation to the bill

3 minute audio clip of Abercrombie summarizing what the bill WILL and WON’T do

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  • 'Ehu

    Well, the US could delcare Kaimana Hila made of green cheese and pass a joint resolution to support it, however, it doesn’t change the facts. right? As Dr. Keanu Sai so brilliantly pointed out after the Queen’s protest to the US over the illegal overthrow, the doctrine of estopple takes effect under international law, and too, the Treaty hammered out between the Queen and the US President Cleveland (like to rename McKinley High my almamater to his name) to grant amnesty to the traitors and restore Her Majesty’s Government; nothing the US does after that is lawful, except the recording of births, marriages, and deaths. So, if the Akaka Bill passes it still is illegal.

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