This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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‘Aha Aloha ‘Aina – Moloka’i


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  • Frank

    The Aha Aloha Aina Group is a great platform in keeping our aloha aina patriots connected and unified in efforts to organize awareness, governance, policies and procedures that are required to keep our Nation of Hawaii whole and intact, despite the Unlawful U.S. Occupation and imposed dominion of our Homeland. The fact that the words Aloha Aina resonates in Lahui groups throughout the Land and even abroad is a rallying cry of unification. Whether it be the Aloha Aina Party, Aha Aloha Aina or Ka Hui Aloha Aina etc. speaks volumns for all our hard work in bringing our Nation together in a unified manner as one, is becoming quite evident. Our continued Kokua and Kuleana is because of the Ho’omanawanui/Perseverance we are willing to put forth in the Restoration of our Nation and Homeland. Kulia I ka Nu’u.

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