"Act of War" re-broadcast on PBS Hawai'i 1/12

Received via email from Na Maka o ka 'Aina...

ACT OF WAR - The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation
will be re-broadcast on PBS Hawai'i
Thursday, January 12 at 8:00 pm

This hour-long documentary is a provocative look at a historical event of which few Americans are aware. In mid-January, 1893, armed troops from the U.S.S. Boston landed at Honolulu in support of a treasonous coup d'etat against the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen Lili'uokalani.

The event was described by U.S. President Grover Cleveland as "an act of war."

Stylized re-enactments, archival photos and film, political cartoons, historic quotes and presentations by Hawaiian scholars tell Hawaiian history through Hawaiian eyes.

ACT OF WAR was produced in association with the Center for Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, and features Haunani-Kay Trask, Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa, Kekuni Blaisdell and Jonathan Osorio.

ACT OF WAR was first broadcast on Hawai'i Public Television in 1993 and subsequently aired on 92 other PBS stations throughout the United States. Additional telecasts include the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (Canada); Aotearoa Television Network (New Zealand); Free Speech TV; World Link; TV Stop (Denmark); and Australia public access cable channels. It will air again this year in Aotearoa on Maori Television.

Major funding was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through the Independent Television Service. Additional funding was provided by Native American Public Telecommunications.

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For awards, screenings and reviews see the extended entry.

"Web of Time" Award * Two Rivers Native Film & Video Festival * Minnesota
Silver Award * Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Public Radio & Television Awards
CINE "Golden Eagle"
Bronze Plaque Award * Columbus International Film and Video Festival
Special recognition and plaque * Dreamspeakers * Alberta, Canada
Best of Festival * East Bay Video Festival * Berkeley, CA
Special Recognition, First Nations Film and Video World Alliance * Yamagata International Documentary Festival * Japan
Special recognition * Aotearoa Film Festival (New Zealand)
nominated for best of Hawai'i Filmmakers * Hawai'i International Film Festival

Berlin International Film Festival
Margaret Mead Film Festival * New York
WYNC Human Rights Film Festival * New York
15th Festival du Film d'Amiens * France
Vermont International Film Festival
Kennedy Center * Washington D.C.
Pacifika * New York Hawaiian Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival
Festival International du Nouveau Cinema e de la Video de Montreal
Wellington Film Festival * Aotearoa (New Zealand)
The Asia Society * New York City
San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival
Asian American Film Festival * Washington, D.C.
Pacific Rim Film Festival * Santa Cruz, California
Black International Cinema * Chicago, New York, Berlin
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival
World Community Film Festival * Vancouver
Best of the Hawai'i International Film Festival tour
Native American Film & Video Festival * National Museum of the American Indian * New York City
First Nations Film & Video Festival of Chicago
Festival of the Dreaming * Sydney, Australia
IMAGeNATION Aboriginal Film & Video Festival * Vancouver
Native Americas International Film Exposition - Santa Fe
First Nations Film & Video Festival of Chicago
Pacific Island Images * Hawai'i * Samoa


"Act of War" makes the case for Hawaiian sovereignty in scholarly and artful fashion...this film does a good job of avoiding empty rhetoric. It is a potent educational tool. Honolulu Advertiser, Sept. 17, 1993

Compelling documentary...relevant facts are presented in painstaking detail...artfully produced...speaks to native Hawaiians, students and history buffs. Booklist, Sept. 1, 1994

Outstanding documentary...still photos are used and interwoven with the story to add to the history and enjoyment...music and computer animation are subtly used. I compliment the Hawaiian consultants/writers. Their dedication and hard work will allow many teachers, students, and others the opportunity to know the history of the islands. (Five star rating) Video Rating Guide - Vol. 5, No. 3

Startles in its depth and sweep of history...comprehensive and emotionally potent...a primer on the contemporary revisionist view of Hawaiian history. Hawaiian history and its gradual subjugation by foreigners is painstakingly re-enacted. Act of War speaks with the moral authority of Native Hawaiians. Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival

This film is fascinating from two aspects, the parallels and genealogical proximity to our own Maori history and from the perspective that the US' subtle annexation of Hawai'i was really the just the beginning of what has turned into a history of stealing in the name of big business. City Voice, Wellington (New Zealand)

The question of American authority over native peoples is at the heart of this film...the film makes excellent use of still photos, film footage, artwork, and reenactments, and the moment-by-moment accounts and quotes read from diaries, letters, and press reports add to the realism of this historical event. The film's engrossing story paints a very disturbing warning for its viewers. Library Journal - Nov. 15, 1994

Hawai'i's history is presented from the Native Hawaiian point of view...like their familiar volcanic eruptions, activists threaten to disrupt the beautiful islands as they clamor for their justifiable rights...they have a good point to make. School Library Journal - May, 1994

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