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NHBA: Akaka Bill update w/ Abercrombie

The Native Hawaiian Bar Association is hosting an event this Friday, January 8, noon – 1:30 at the Kanaina Bldg at ‘Iolani Palace with Rep. Abercrombie to update on the “Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act” and “other Native Hawaiian issues.”

You can download the flyer for more information and to register (extended deadline to RSVP is this Wednesday, January 6th by noon.)

5 comments to NHBA: Akaka Bill update w/ Abercrombie

  • Keahi Felix

    A bill is a bill is a bill and not an Act until the bill is passes by Congress. How come the lawyers want to use the term Act right now?

  • OHA will have a televised infomercial on the Akaka bill on Thursday at 8 PM on KITV. My only information about it was a 15-second advertisement during the 6 PM news program on Monday. If they follow their practice from previous Akaka infomercials, they’ll have a short video followed by panel discussion and perhaps some carefully screened and prearranged phone-in questions. Previous infomercials have been 60 minutes; not sure about this one.

    Gosh, wouldn’t it be terrific if some protesters showed up at the Abercrombie event at Kana’ina, and perhaps also at the TV studio?

  • Maka'ala Nakoa

    Aloha Ambercrombie and NHBA,
    I am writing you on behalf of the volunteer Cultural Preservation Officers of Moku o Keawe who are trying to preserve our Traditional Cultural Places and Properties but to also preserve the integrity of our relationship with the State of Hawaii and the United States of America during this INTERIM phase towards our self determination. I am in support of COnsultation and Public Hearings on the new amendments so that the Hawiians-Kanaka and the descendants of the Hawaiian Nationals (non-racist Hawaiian Kingdom) to discuss the language and content on the bill with Kanaka as the HOST CULTURE with special rights. We’ve never had any consultation about the Akaka Bill because the meetings were canceled. Knowing the statutes of Section 106 of National Historic Preservation Act, all the properties that are to be “Transfered to the Hawaiian Governing entity” are of a Historic nature and associated with Historic People in History, and that the lands are eligible for the National Registry on Historic Places……. and that IF the HAWAIIANS ATTACH A CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS SIGNIFICANCE TO THE LAND….THEN CONSULTATION MUST COMMENCE….NO MATTER WHO OWNS SUCH LAND….; so, when is the consultation going to take place about all the lands, because there is a real problem with the inventory-we have volunteers to help you with this?”

  • Maka'ala Nakoa

    Important, Hawaiian Archipelago with capital “A” denotes a legal indepedant nation state….should not be spelled with small “A” or the Hawaiians have very limited sovereignty if you could even call it that. The Kanaka have the right to self determination. We learned in international law class that the United States of America took Hawai’i off the De-colonization list. We need to follow the laws that the Apology Bill or Public LAW 103-150 implies and give the Hawaiians true freedom.”

  • 808

    akaka can use his bill to wipe his okole

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