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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Hawaiian subject declares war crimes committed against him

Press Release.

Nov 24, 2014.

Hawaiian subject declares that war crimes were committed against him by Hawaii business’s and alleged land owners. Posted Nov 28, 2014.

On Nov 24, 2014, Maltbie Napoleon, a Hawaiian subject, declared that war crimes were committed against him by Hawaii business’s and alleged land owners, herein, LANDLORDS, and their agents. Document A-54410919 filed Nov 24, 2014, for the purpose of exposing foreign and U.S. citizens committing war crimes on Hawaiian territory against its citizenry. The dispute also alleges:

  1. This case arises out of the prolonged and illegal occupation of the entire territory of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States of America since the Spanish-American War on August 12, 1898, and the failure on the part of the United States of America to establish a direct system of administering the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom.
  2. Accordingly, this had lead to the unlawful sale and ownership transfer of 1568, 1578 Miller St., and 417 Iolani Ave., Honolulu, Oahu, TMK 21021057, 050, 049,, and all improvements, rentals or fees paid to you, LANDLORD are through fraud and illegal,  whereby, the ownership transaction is not authorized by proper military authority in the administration of Hawaiian law, as stated in FM 27-10, Department of the Army Field Manuel, the Law of Land Warfare, Chapter VI, Section II, 374, which states in pertinent part, “…Military and civilian personnel of the occupying forces and occupation administration and persons accompanying them are not subject to the local law or to the jurisdiction of the local courts of the occupied territory unless expressly made subject thereto by a competent officer of the occupying forces or occupation administration.”
  3. ERNEST E. TSCHANNEN, EDWIN D. YOST, YJWBBY LTD, CHRISTINA DOI, herein, LANDLORD, Governor NEIL AMBERCROMBIE, and the Bureau of Conveyances under the Department of Land and Natural Resources, WILLIAM J. AILA JR., is an agency of the STATE OF HAWAII, a political subdivision of the United States of America established by an Act of Congress in 1959 and as an entity without any extraterritorial effect cannot appropriate money from the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Kingdom without violating international law. This constitutes “grave breaches” of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, which also applies to territory that is occupied, war crimes.
  4. Also, STATE OF HAWAII and agents have knowledge and are complicit with LANDLORD in the commission of war crimes. War crimes: Extensive appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly. War crimes are actions taken by individuals, whether military or civilian, that violates international humanitarian law, which includes the 1907 Hague Convention, 1949 Geneva Convention and the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions.
  5. YJWBBY LTD is a Hawaii Foreign Profit Corporation whose Registered Agent is Carlyle Consulting Hawaii LLC and is located at 1314 S King St Ste 717 Honolulu, HI 96814. The principal is Wang, Man Fu. The company’s mailing address is P O Box 3444 Road Town , Tortola. The true owner is currently unknown to this victim but believes the owner is a Chinese national and as an entity without any extraterritorial effect cannot appropriate money from the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Kingdom without violating international law.
  6. Under 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony, this Hawaiian subject has knowledge of the actual commission of a felony and therefore has sent this dispute to Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr., USPACOM, as commission of war crimes.
  7. In light of the U.S. occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom, you, LANDLORD, may have a claim under Hawaiian law.
  8. Failure to return all rents and answer this dispute is prima facie evidence of admission of “waiver” to all acts and deeds stated herein.
  9. LANDLORD’S, presenter of the public debt papers or public verbal contract hereby waives his/her right to tort and understands acceptor’s immediate remedy to lien for breach of contract. 10,000.00 fee per injury per trespass, if not rebutted point-for-point within three days of postal service.  Date exhibited by your receipt.
  10. The presumption of Hawaiian independence is based on the continued reliance on the part of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Attorney General’s failed legal response to letters composed by OHA CEO Dr. Kamana‘opono Crabbe dated May 5, 2014, (Annex 7) and University of Hawaii Senior law professor Williamson B.C. Chang dated September 17, 2014, (Annex 8);
  11. This Document is instructed to be attached to all deeds and or conveyances in the names of the above party(ies) as requiring recording of this Document, in a manner of NUNC PRO TUNC.
  12. Due to the continued illegal U.S. occupation of Hawai’i, in violation of treaty, Hawaiian law and international law, the requirements of United States law which stands in contravention to Hawaiian law, a notary public commissioned by the same is required for registering this Notice in the Hawai’i Bureau of Conveyances, I do this involuntarily and against my will.
  13. Document No. A-54410919 filed Nov 24, 2014, may be viewed at

14 comments to Hawaiian subject declares war crimes committed against him

  • Joe

    Did Nappy get kicked out of his rental? You don’t need them – live off the land – like the true Hawaiian that you are.

  • Amanda Hermanson

    Behind you all the way, Maltbie. Thank you for showing us how.

  • No Joe, I’m still in the house, but now that I’ve given the agents/alleged owners notice that their actions commit war crimes against me, my position is quite simple. As their ownership transaction is illegal, so is their rental agreement, so I will not comply to continue to pay rent until the end of the foreign lease or they decide to file suit.

  • Kealoha

    Enough holding grudges and crying about land lost, lets hold true to our culture, and live the word of aloha. Let us share our `Aina with our, and welcome them. Accept all that are here, if we live in hatred we will die in pain. We should kokua those in need and not live for greed. There is only one race and that is human, all are our ohana, but let us not forget who we are and where we come from.


  • riki torre-pestana

    Mahalo Nui Loa Maltbie Napoleon for speaking out against americanition .

    Welcome to the ALOHA REVOLUTION
    we don’t carry guns,
    we don’t make bombs,
    we don’t have weapons of mass destrution.
    Our weapons of choice , Computers and massive amounts of ALOHA & Creation
    Welcome to the ALOHA REVOLUTION

  • 4myohana


    looking forward to see how your moolelo ends…
    mahalo in taking the leap… hoping you can puka thru… we are all watching… keep in touch

    to kealoha

    got this out of nana very’s book(change we must)
    as i look down on the nothingness of gods beauty i see god in all and all in god… wise words of mount olomana

    may keakua bless our nation and bring peace upon the nothingness of our world 4 god is all and all is god

    love your name

  • Hoku

    @kealoha so it doesn’t bother you that your paying illegal taxes? Yup share the aina till they kick you out and your living on the beach collecting food stamps and homeless. Ya welcome all but then wonder how come everything so expensive. Die in pain is correct we are targeted for nuclear strike by Russia and China in your eyes I guess it’s ok to get fried for a country that lies cheats and steals from others and is here illegally. Rite on Hawaiian Aloha somebody who no Aloha you das how. If somebody came your house and told you get out I’m the new owner you and your family need to vacate immediately if you don’t I will have you arrested would you show them Aloha I think not.

  • riki Torres-Pestana

    To Hoku , Kanaka Maoli like Kealoha are perfect example of a sickness called
    Stockholm Syndrome da effects of the amelikanization committed to kanaka in 1893 ,The crime ,High treason , there were a few traitors back then and many are traitors today. Let’s show the world our true Aloha and heal each other of this sickness .
    Malama Pono

  • WIN808

    Kealoha, please provide an address, lots of people could
    use your kokua and generosity right now!

    Mahalo nui!

  • ‘War crime, huh?’ Very interesting!

    Wish you well in your endeavor.

  • Disnocan cuz

    Hey What about all the banks financing property with no titles and all the property sales with out the owners concent.Thats daily war crimes The State of Hawaii is just a foreign private company overseas.outside the liberty of the united states Its a stage they no more nothing except tress pass and scare tactics. Kanakas please go and stand on your land At this point I know someone going come and help. Lets love one another and stand together and have faith in each other and not be Afraid the scare tactic only work if you afraid.the time is now every body go go go!!!!!!!!!You own everything.No let the redneck fool you he no more nothing . Common paipai Kuae!!!!! lets all go!!!!!! But still love.Why is the department of immigration still bringing people in??? Who said they can come in???Disnocan cuz.

  • riki Torres-Pestana

    KU’E everyday KU’E everyway
    KU’E u.s.a.

  • Robert Fruend


    What a shame that which has happened to the world. I hope we do not have to have another World War to appreciate what blessings we have. Being a current unhappy resident of Florida and hopefully soon to be a happy resident of Hawaii I appreciate the great togetherness Hawaii has. Please read about Florida, you will feel lucky to live in Hawaii. You do not want to become the divisive hateful state that Florida is. Most everyone has moved at some time and nearly every culture explored into a new world (as did early Hawaiian’s), please do not hate others because they need a place to live. Its best to judge people individually; I think you would appreciate a respectful, hard working kind person as me moving to Hawaii. The issue most people should have is with the ultra wealthy ruling the world. Florida was bought buy the Koch brothers and they installed a criminal for governor who was responsible for robbing billions from Medicare. This governor believes there should be no minimum wage, no social security, no medicare, no regulations for corporations. In Flofida no one cares about anyone else. My wife and I pay $15,000 a year for terrible health insurance. it is why we have to leave the state, plus we want to be in a place where people care about each other, Hawaii is the best we could find. I hope we are not hated for being Americans, and loved for being decent humans.

    P.S. If things had gone differently in the 1940’s Hawaii would be owned by the Japanese and they would have killed all native Hawaiians; don’t be so ungrateful to the Americans. That being said, Americans need to be respectful of the Hawaiian native culture and not take advantage.

  • Aloha Robert! This blog contains my legal dispute against the parties concerning Hawaii’s continuity as an independent country. I don’t know you, so I have no grudges or issues with you. But, since you consider Hawaii a place to live and to your liking, you may want to appraise yourself of public opinion on conflicting issues we are having here. Hawaii is under a media blackout so you may not see the issues. You may get some perspective on these websites.
    I hope this helps! You may see similar issues in Forida.

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