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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Kingdom of Atooi relaunch kālā… but what is Atooi?

I am not really familiar with the Kingdom of Atooi, who they are or what their founded on, since theyʻre not really active on Maui as far as I know, but above is a video about their reintroduction of kālā as currency. Thereʻs a news release posted on their website, and an article in the Garden Island News.

But I always had the impression that Atooi was just the old spelling of Kaua‘i before the Hawaiian spellings were standardized, and “Kingdom of Atooi” never quite made sense to me, and Keanu Sai confirms the origin of the word from old British maps.

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  • Josephine Keliipio

    The island of Kaua’i always had their own kingdom before KKI “conquered all the islands” using white man’s weapons.

  • Noa Napoleon

    Josephine’s comment reminds me of the US civil war, where Hamilton and Lincoln’s federalism, not Madison and Jefferson’s limited government prevailed over the states and the rest is history! A mighty deception was put into motion about Lincoln wanting to end slavery, which is why Americans venerate him today as the great emancipator, one of Americaʻs finest presidents, not realizing that the civl was “not fought over slavery” it was about stripping the states of their independence -for the purpose of “increasing the authority of the central government.”

    “The Revolution of 1776 was a Jeffersonian Revolution to throw off the yoke of British mercantilist imperialism and install it its place a voluntary union of free and independent states. Hamilton and his acolytes, however — no matter how bravely and earnestly they fought against the Red Coats — wanted to import British mercantilism to America with the U.S. aristocracy (Hamilton and his Federalist buddies) on the receiving end of the mercantilist spoils system. In fact, DiLorenzo argues that the Constitution itself was a virtual coup against the free republic of the Articles of Confederation for the purpose of increasing the authority of the central government — key to Hamilton’s plans.” ~J. Seagraves

  • Win808


    Le contraire, Atooi has been extremely active on Maui. At least at one time anyway!
    Myself like other open minded people had to hear the good news buzzing in the air,
    only to find out it was all for naught! (But, if we never go, we would never know!)

    He claims to be the head of the polynesian triangle, Te Moana Nui Akiva, and Kauai being at the most northern tip of that triangle is the head!

    His angle is an Indigenous Peoples movement based upon the Kuhio Charter submitted by a family member of his to the United Nations back around 1946 and President Obama signing an Act back on December of 2010, for U.S. recoginition of indigenous peoples.

    That’s why they are known as the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi, Hawaiian Kingdom!
    I know, it doesn’t make sense! It’s a direct insult to the Hawaiian Kingdom nation!

    History will show that the Hawaiian Islands gained its sovereign independence and international recognition on November 28, 1843, La Kuokoa!
    There being no treaty of cession between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the U.S. the
    sovereign independence of the Hawaiian Islands precludes the Kuhio Charter as the Hawaiian Islands were in no way colonized!!

    It’s unfortunate that he spends no time reading up on Hawaiian history because in the end and there will be an end he will be accountable for his own actions!

    I detest the open use of marijuana by him and his co-horts, (not good enough to be considered staff members) it was offensive and disrespectful to myself the Kupuna in his presence and to the memory of those who placed their names on the Ku’e
    petition back in 1897.

    To wrap it up, he, his delusions and his damn ID cards are a complete waste of time! Screw him!!

    Mahalo Scott!

  • Kanaka

    Dane is a big disgrace to the kanaka race. He goes island to island making his fake ID’s that don’t even work, taking peoples money to pay for his personal bills & he claims he is the Alii Nui!! What kind of Alii takes from his people that are already struggling trying to just make ends meet!!

    He claims he has jurisdiction!! Well if so, why would his truck get repossessed & he makes his people take donations to get his truck out and take from a Kupuna that helped pay the bulk of the $14,000 to get back his truck!!! If he had jurisdiction then he would have taken back his truck with no problem! Or maybe he should have used his kala. Maybe that would have worked lol..

    He is nothing but a liar and when people need help with their fake ID’s, he is no where to be found but expects people to help him when he needs his electric paid or his phone bill paid etc.

    Also, why would he charge people $200.00 for plastic fake plates that were only $5.00 a piece to make. Oh and what about their badges, security service badges that people paid for and 3 months later I heard they still waiting.

    Well lets see what he’s going to do when people start getting tickets and arrested. What a joke he is and his stupid lying wife is. How could they be leaders leading a nation that smokes marijuana in front of people especially Kupuna’s! So disrespectful!! His famous saying is they taking baby steps. They’ve been taking baby steps since 2007. In six yrs. nothing drastic have I seen but a lot of misleading and a lot of trips paid by the people & Kupuna’s!

    Even his court case that he claims he won! Bullshit!! Read it! It’s not done and he says he has jurisdiction because he won his case. It’s not even done and it has nothing to do about jurisdiction.

    It must be nice to take free trips on the expense of someone else and accomplish nothing from that for our people!! If he was who he claims he is, then why is he not getting back what belongs to the people and stop Monsanto & chemtrails?

    What about his stupid press conference for kala! He was getting slammed by the people questioning him and couldn’t even answer their question. He kept avoiding the questions and changing the subject! I felt embarrassed for him because he looked like a fool that never did his homework! Oh and his to security personnel looked just as stupid. When they realize that he is a lying sack of crap, they will want to kick themselves in the ass.

    I really would fear for my life after using Akua’s name to benefit and cover all my lies so that people would believe the lies. I have never met someone that uses his name the way he does!

    People following him, better really do your homework!! You are getting used & lied to!!

  • Leimomi Kalanihuia

    Aloha oe’, this is what we can say to ourselves if we don’t ho’o pono pono. I may not be as Akamai as most of you on our history but I do know that progress, especially with the process that needs to be taken for redress of our nation will not happen over night. look at the Hawaiian Kingdom, they have been at it since, well I’m not sure but it looks as though they’ve been at it longer than Atooi (Dane)and they haven’t produced anything but $200 ID’s which really doesn’t work. Atooi travels on their Id’s, nationwide, they drive with their Id’s and have tickets dismissed with “prejudice” from your US courts. The difference between the two is , The Hawaiian Kingdom is using the “out of jurisdiction” courts (US) to settle their redress and Atooi is bypassing the illegal USA and going straight to the source, the UN. The US will never admit their wrongs because if they do then all of the other indigenous people of the continent they stole from will also require the same redress.

    We, the indigenous have to stand together if we want to succeed in our redress to be a self governing country. Some of you may think that it’s an impossible dream. I too used to think that while I was enjoying my successful American life but when I came home and saw the way life has changed because of the increasing influence of the US, while I was sad. The US has taken over all of our liberties and life and our pursuit of happiness.

    These islands are not the mainland, we shouldn’t bring the mainland here but that’s what your “state of Hawaii” has done. There is no room for us to live as God intended when he put us here. “Don’t do this, don’t do that, you can’t go here, you can’t go there”. And if you don’t adhere to their warnings then they’ll just make a law about it and tag you with a ticket so they can get your money and or jail time. Our keiki’s deserve a chance to be proud of who they are and what they can contribute to our/their nation. Not all of them aspire to be president, some wants to be farmers, paniolo, fishermen, hunters, plain ole country folk. And they can’t even do that anymore because US society tells them that in order to succeed they must leave Hawaii for better opportunities. Why, because they want the Hawaiians to leave so they can call this their HOME.

    Look at OHA, it’s a US created entity to supposedly help the “Hawaiians”, but you have to be registered with them, the USA, in order to qualify for any of “their” monies which I must say isn’t their’s but ours, the indigenous. Look at DHHL, you can’t get Homestead unless you can prove 50% blood quantum. Which by the way thousands of people are still waiting and as they/we our blood quantum diminishes. Look at Kamehameha Schools, 1/2 of the students aren’t Hawaiian. They don’t look it and they don’t act like it. The westside only qualifies 2 under indigenous status and the rest, well who knows. I believe our princess said it should be for the under privileged children whom she knew wasn’t going to have the best opportunities in the future of Hawaii. Instead they’ve given our beloved princesses trust to the well off and the high maka maka’s. I won’t deny, a very small minority has had the good fortune of benefiting from KS but what about the other 99%. Look at any so called Hawaiian trust or programs, they all want your blood. But I do believe that there is a lot of office politics going on. 🙁 And that is why we must take control of our own destiny for the sake of our nation and our Keiki’s, who are our future.

    Last but not least, for all of you who speak against Atooi, what will you say to Alii nui and Moi when you come before them when they and Atooi is given back our nation? Shame on all of you who think you or your commitment to your so called cause is any greater then anyone else. We must be pono. Communication is the key, and stop using foul language. you call yourself “Hawaiian” I don’t think so, you sound malihini, (ho’o haole).

    Everyone has their right to LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Personally, probably cause I’m getting older, My happiness consist of my Ohana close to me and a place where we can be safe and free of the hustle and bustle of authority and enjoy our liberties for a long happy life. If you like the hustle and bustle then MOVE to the continental usa. Malama Pono and a hui hou!


    Mahalo…….leimomi, well said…..aloha aloha… your ohana,and our aloha aina NATION….we as children of the land need to learn how to malama self first, then can malama anything you would like, very hard when I read some of these commits and see our brothers and sista and uncles and Aunty s talking what they don’t understand…….need to understand LOKAHI! And what it means…….ATOOI is located in Hebrew scripture,to it be found in the Old Testament too,but when searching I think you find the word spelled IOOTA. WHich in Hebrew would be prince of peace(JUDA)..and I BELIVE that prince of peace is Iesha , Jesus ! So the connection to us as people of the land… Pono ! Mahalos for letting me share…..I glad that someone of our culture is moving,instead of holding US DOWN …..WE know AKUA,ALMIGHTY,KNOWS THE TRUTH,AND THE TRUTH IS POLYNESIAN KINGDOM OF ATOOI(IOOTA (JUDA)…… Guide and protections for all bumby you learn ALOHA

  • Richard Hrivnak

    Time for all to stand up for your own personal freedom.You choose to stay the same, or stand up now!

  • kahuna nui

    Aloha there is a lot of people claiming to be the sovereign of the hawaiian kingdom everyone needs to follow the laws of that nation that they claiming and the law that holds there sovereign status. For instants the Kingdom Of Hawaii has a constitution
    that is its fundamental laws also known as the constitution of the kingdom as people of the kingdom we owe our allegiance to the sovereign and laws with out a second thought.

    Article 22 of that constitution points to the sovereign in every constitution that the kingdom has.
    the Kingdom of Hawaii is a hereditary state which means it is passed through a line of succession and by vote of legislature if the
    Sovereign fails to appoint one.

    In this case the Sovereign Liliuokalani make a choice in Article 22 of her contract with the four ministers shows consent by her and the Ministers as prescribed by law thats all she needed and not a new constitution now was that covert or what it a done deal and no man can change that and the Lord said, ” David shall never want [or lack] a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Isreal ” yes the house of Judah.

    You see every king or emperor has a septa from King David Kalakaua it was handed Liliuokalani then to David K. where ever the septa is handed thats where the Sovereign directs its choice of succession and every thing of the Sovereign becomes his.
    So may question is how did Dane of Atooi claim possession of all the things of the Queen in her trunk I think things may have been miss under stood when he came across this articles of the Queen I know in her affidavit with Blount and Willies she said that someone had gone through her house and taken many things could this be some of it?

    Now the Charter of the Kingdom of Atooi was set up by some one or agency that did not have the authority in anyway not by Contract or by seal of the Kingdom of Hawaii’s Sovereign and surly not by Law there is no connection so he can not make treaty
    or speak nor represent any part of the Kingdom what so ever.

    The Sovereign is here among us and its not Dane sorry I like Dane I wish him and his ohana well Mahalo

  • Kanaka maoli

    I haven’t seen anyone, do anything for the kanaka except atooi. All steps forward not these small steps handed out by the government to OHA, kamehameha schools, etc while they taking a cut of the funds. No other sovereign group out there has attempted to approach the un or reproduce the kala. None of them. So it is typical that Hawaiians true enemy is other Hawaiians. Either you will want change and be apart of it or live like a nation within a nation and die that way.



  • As a numismatist (glorified coin collector) I know that there are a lot of schemes to attain some legitimacy for bogus coin and stamp issues. You’d think it would be a lot of effort but often the financial rewards can be substantial. Here it appears the leaders of this (new?) indigenous group gain legitimacy and great reward while selling hard money is a world awash in inflationary fiat currency.

  • Kala'au Piimaiwa'a Caves

    When is the next meeting

  • Terence Palani Akina

    AO.. Yes I been with the PKOA for a couple of years and I use my Identifications everywhere with no problems. Banks accept it Hospitals accept it. Atooi has been actively doing more than all these fake groups like Na ai apuni Kanaiolowalu, all trying to get you into a Nation within a nation crap. King Aipolani has been working along with the head of the UNITED NATIONS in it’s efforts of transitioning from the false state to a true Hawaiian Kingdom. Others have just been spewing negativity without hearing the facts. Everyone has been fighting one another instead of coming together and uniting for our future and our keiki’s.

  • Alika Kalanihuia

    Not too familiar with this movement, although I heard of many efforts of Hawaiian Sovereignty. Where can I get info re: this Atooi movement and its leaders? Many questions?

  • Leimomi

    Aloha Alika, best way for me is to find out next registration gathering because ali’i nui is at all registrations. They have a fb page. Check it out. Education is da key. Key document is ” The Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” UNDRIP. On another note, :>) I’m looking for my ohana from moloka’i Kalanihuia/Rodrigues do u know them?

  • Kala

    The Kingdom of Hawaii is non-existant. It is extinct. The Hawaiian language and culture are on the brink of Extinction and soon to follow. The oppressive American racist bigot has the same heart today as those who stole Hawaii, namely to claim Hawaii as their own, and make it a place of their choosing, free of Hawaiians whom they would also prefer went extinct.

    Polynesia holds a great deal of our history, language and culture and it is thriving, unmolested by greedy braindead white supremacist Americans. Hawaii’s only future is within Polynesia, joined with the Polynesians who can help us and help show us how to live free of the American ilo government, and how Hawaiians can and should live. Atooi has made phenomenal progress in furthering our cause and making known our plight to the world.

    Atooi has done magnificently in knowing the answer to our freedom lies outside of America. Talking about freedom and sovereignty to America is like talking to a wall, that hates you and wants you dead. Na Po’e Hawai’i only chance is through the UN, within a single unified Polynesian Nation, and the only people we should be talking to is China, Russia, Iran, Sweden, Scandinavia, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela etc and any country not bound to the psychotic whims of America, who would like to help injustice America is currently causing. I think it’s the perfect catalyst for WWIII, and many countries would like to have such, which America would sooner see caused than relinquish control of Hawaii and have to start paying for their military base land usage and change the stars on their flag. I recommend just dividing an existing state into N/S or E/W..

    Atooi’s ID cards are important and symbolic, and serve to further the unique identity of a sovereign Hawaiian people and nation. Atooi has done things no Hawaiian dreamed possible.

    It says “Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi”.. Kauai was never conquered by Kamehameha. Hawaiian kingdoms have always been many and often made war with each other .

    If there’s another independent Hawaiian sovereignty movement that thinks they can do it better, let them create their little organization on Oahu or Maui and do whatever silly thing they want to, no Hawaiians claim is any more valid than anyone else’s, and none can diminish Atooi nor lay claim to Kauai.

    Nobody commands the gods nor God. And there is no “American god”, only a God of all the Earth, and then individual cultures gods.

    And America is the farthest thing from god imaginable, notwithstanding Americans think he’s a racist stupid hillbilly bigot, too.

    Nobody has any business talking about Atooi, unless you too can speak for all of Polynesia, and the Hawaiian gods, and the God of the whole earth himself.

    But it’s men who do. Atooi, and the Ali’i Nui of Atooi are men who do. Men of words, works, will, heart, and action. The rest of you are people who don’t and who aren’t.

  • Kala

    And on the topic of pakalolo, it is named pakalolo by the earliest Native Hawaiians to have contact with it. It makes the user crazy, by Hawaiian standards of the day.

    Its widely used in Hawaii today, by many Hawaiians and Locals alike, many Haole as well.. Its used more on some islands than others.

    Its use amongst Hawaiians can be considered medicinal in nature, as its used to alleviate pain, the painful trouble of the heart and mind of most Hawaiians crying for our people, Kingdom, ancestors and ancestral gods.

    In the rest of Polynesia, pakalolo isn’t used much if at all. It’s not needed for a healthy-minded Polynesian living in a healthy Polynesian society. They don’t have the same pain as Hawaiians, many of whom turn to Batu and stronger substances for escape.

    It’s used in Hawaii much the same way as hard liquor is used amongst many Native American families for the exact same reasons.

    No man can blame them or judge them nor say anything whatsoever negative about them. Their hearts are good, their minds pono.

    There are Rock Sages in Hawaii of culture and tradition, with seemingly inhuman powers of strength and fortitude, such as many kupuna, who are always trying to set examples and raise expectations, in an effort to save our people. Many of them have simply become Christian church-goers, which is a natural path for any po’e kahiko to follow. But they are not and never have been above Ali’i. They follow Ali’i. And the Ali’i all follow their Ali’i Nui. And each Ali’i Nui greatly defines the people under his rule, in his or her area or island.

    That said, Atooi won’t be a very successful Polynesian culture if it’s members are all smoking pot all day. It’s not a productive or intelligent state, and is what Hawaiians define as literally being crazy.

    Tava/Kawa however, is extremely Polynesian. Its a staple in Polynesian societies throughout the world. Samoan, Tongan, Cook Is., Tahitian, etc households all have access to large quantities today, something sone states in America have already banned.

    Atooi needs to source Tava, and process it as it’s done in Samoa and other parts of Polynesia, and give the people their native joys.

    But that’s for healthy Polynesian societies, of which Hawaii is not. The time for placing a royal kapu on pakalolo will come, but not until we are an independent nation, and can build a healthy Polynesian society where kawa can fill our leisure time.

    But don’t for a minute think that pakalolo or batu mskes you less Hawaiian. Its being so Hawaiian which drives them there. If you want to see a change, help build the healthy Polynesian society Hawaii should be, and most of the rest of Polynesia is. And then lets drink kawa.

  • Hawaiian By Birth

    How can someone claim to be king of all Polynesia?
    Must be some strong meds he smoking…lmao!!!

  • Kalā

    It’s the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi

    Just like Every Kingdom in every Polynesia is a Polynesian Kingdom

    There should be a Polynesian central Government, though, with representatives from every Polynesian Kingdom.

  • Kalā

    A Polynesian Kingdom inclusive of Hawaii is something many Ali’i around Polynesia are working towards and hoping for.

    Numerous are the Ali’i in Polynesia with no Kingdom.

    Numerous are the Ali’i in Polynesia who do have their own country, but a modern government, having multiple legitimate Ali’i walking the land, helping their people.

    There are a number of Ali’i around Polynesia that support Atooi.

    There are countless Polynesians around the world waiting for Ali’i Hawaiʻi.

    Hawaii’s only way forward is united with Polynesian Ali’i throughout the Polynesian world. And not all of Hawaii, but those interested in the salvation of our race, on Kauaʻi.

    All Hawaiians should stand united behind Atooi, and all things Polynesian. Atooi is a Polynesian Kingdom, supported by our Polynesian family who loves and cries for the Hawaiian people.

    Hawaiian, as an identity, has always been close to all Polynesians. America is our usurper, the great evil, destroyer of races and cultures, thieves of all land. Liars who believe in their doctrine of Manifest Destiny allowing them to take everything and harm anyone not white.

    America, and Americans, and many non-Hawaiian locals are enemies of native Hawaiians. White Entitlement and White Privilege keep them living upon Hawaii land helping themselves to the sacred Hawaiian grounds. Locals have nothing to gain by helping Hawaiians, as most get the benefit of being mistaken for Hawaiians, but none of the pain or ancestral cries and mana.

    Hawaiians are the only ethnic group on the Earth not given any of their ancestral land, we’re the most devastated, abused and oppressed people on Earth.

    When haoles voice their opinions against Atooi, know they are your deceivers and those who prefer you to be decimated.

    When local voice their opinion against Atooi, know they are your enemy, and enemy of all Hawaiians

    When Hawaiians voice their opinion against Atooi, cry for them, and for our people. And turn to Polynesia, they are all calling you, waiting to embrace you as a free and whole people.

    It takes a special kind of person to go live on the land of a destroyed people who have nothing left of their land at all. If they are on Hawaiian land and not supporting Hawaiian Independence or Atooi, they are the worst human beings on the face of the planet.

    The Kiwi, the Australians, everyone who treats indigenous people with respect and who’ve given them their native lands to live on, agrees. Americans are the worst offenders of human rights in the world, and Americans in Hawaii particularly so.

  • Kaniala

    Kala some good grammar you get. U sure u not one haole acting like one kanaka? I mean you write so well.. where you from? you work da land? you live the culture? or you just like the kala? u like make change come work da aina and fight for change outside of the political arena..nuff said bradda, stop bluffing.. trying foa act with that name.. king Atooi yeah right.. no one going follow dat guy ..he just anoda Kanaka dat wen turn haole, trying for deceive the people and like live like one haole..

  • Kalā

    Poor grammar is a mark of poor education, or a lack of concern for education. Pidgin English is spoken by 3 types of people.

    1.) People who’s Mother Tongue is Hawaiian or other Polynesian Dialect, and they grew up speaking it fluently, in the home, and English is their second language which they learned less of, or later in life.

    2.) People who didn’t learn fluent Hawaiian, because na ilo banned the use of the Hawaiian language in public schools, leaving kids with no fluent Native English language example in the home, and a broken attempt to learn English in their schools, aided by a general disinterest in school and learning native English

    3.) People who aren’t Hawaiian, but think that speaking pidgin makes them seem more Hawaiian, but it doesn’t, and so they use a broken English in an attempt to fit in and look Hawaiian, but are actually just helping to spread English illiteracy amongst Native Hawaiians.

    To Native Hawaiians, the inability to speak fluent English is a point of shame and embarrassment, only to “locals” is Pidgin considered “cool” or “Hawaiian”

    Hawaiians are intelligent people, held back and oppressed by the Local population who think its cool or funny to have poor language skills. I suspect they’re actually just making fun of Native Hawaiians, or working to keep them oppressed.

    Having a Hawaiian name and speaking brokeass Pidgin doesnt make you Hawaiian at all. Actual Hawaiians are intelligent, and strive for knowledge and wish they could do better.

    Pidgin is simply a English influenced by the Hawaiian Native Mother Tongue. If you don;t speak 100% Fluent Native Hawaiian, from birth, as your mother tongue, you have no business speaking Pidgin and are, on some level, joking.

    Stop bringing Hawaiians to your dumb level of “I no can” unless you natively speak the Hawaiian Grammar that those English words are plugged into, creating the Pidgin English in the first place.

    I was raised by real Hawaiians. You either Speak English, or you speak Hawaiian, and you speak either of them as good as you can, not half-ass around like some fkn joker.

    So, you gwan, “tryin’ foa ack up”, Kaluna. God, the effort it takes to write your crappy English to try and look Hawaiian would be better spent using normal fkn English.

    Sorry you have no Language skills, Hawaiian, English, or Otherwise.

    I’m an English Language Instructor. so…. “how dat”

  • Kaikea

    Pidgin helped me understand ‘olelo grammar structure better…

  • Kaliko

    Does this “great great great grandson” of Kamehameha I ever mention that it was Paiʻea who used the white manʻs weapons against his own people? It is his fault that the Hawaiian Kingdom fell, just as was prophesied at the time of his birth. He used guns and cannons on his people, utterly destroying them. My ancestor was one of the men he murdered with haole weaponry. My ancestor was a konohiki of Koʻolaupoko, including Kāneʻohe and the land where the Marine Corps now stands. My ancestor was murdered at the battle of the Pali by Paiʻea, Kamehameha “the great.” My ancestorʻs daughter was taken and given to a white man as a spoil of war.

    Kamehameha “the great” gave Hawaiian land to white men, he gave Hawaiian people to white men as awards for their loyalty, he even appointed white men to govern parts of Hawaiʻi. He was a greedy man who murdered Hawaiians to gain power. A great military conqueror, because he took advantage of the foreignersʻ weapons, but no role model for Hawaiians.

    So why does the descendant of this man deserve my allegiance? It sounds like he is scamming people to pay for his paperwork and badges that serve no practical purpose. If we want sovereignty, storming the OHA office and waving your badges around is no way to do it (which this guy Dayne did today). What is he actually doing to work together to organize a positive vision for our people?

  • Kalā

    Well Kaliko, why does he need your allegiance? If you are in fact Native Hawaiian, you’ll need to ask yourself, as all Native Hawaiians must, What have YOU done for your people and your people’s Kingdom?

    Talking kukai about the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi is most definitely not helping your Kingdom. Its the only Kingdom Hawaii has, and you are doing your best to make sure you have no part of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi, because, lets be honest, you’ve not the heart to be in a Hawaiian Kingdom. Do they have computer games there, even? The weapons which are more destructive to the Hawaiian people are those of complacency, complicity, apathy and giving up hope and eh, just becoming a plain ol local of the American state of Hawaii, and who are these Native Hawaiians we speak of anyway? Are they like the Menehune? Local isn’t Hawaiian. Pidgin isn’t Hawaiian.its an attempt to speak the English Language broken and influenced by our Native Hawaiian Polynesian language, a language nearly lost from the earth by those same Americans who want you to just be a friendly local in an aloha shirt, whether you’re Hawaiian or not doesn’t really matter, you look exotic, and brownish, so, close enough thats all that matters. Hawaiian influence on English Grammar is very similar to Samoan and Tongan and many Asian languages influence on English. Locals and Haoles making silly Pidgin because they think it makes them more Hawaiian, is like anyone going to China and saying “oh-a, How-a are-a you-a? you-a like-a dimsum today yes-a? or you no like-s dimsum-a have a many pretty girls-a”. Its trash. Bigotry, Racism, and nothing but selfish wannabes trying to make themselves seem like a Hawaiian. You ain’t learning Chinese by making stupid Chinglish talk, ah-soo get real, “areddy”.

    Anyway, Kamehameha never conquered Kauai, the Kauai people are unconquerable. Their warriors lived at night and slept during the day, so when Kamehameha arrived in sneaky darkness they were just starting their day. And Kauai is unlike any other Hawaiian Island. It has more Mana than any other Island. More of the sacred Kapu in place, it has the Night Marchers and more real and visible than the most Hawaiian person who ever saw and heard the battles on the Waipio valley floor.

    Kauai has the darkest nights and most powerful spirits and ancestral deity. You aren’t just talking bad about one of their favored heroes and champions who has taken up the mantle of the Hawaiian Chiefdom and Monarchy, as he feels necessary, to honor his ancestors and his people and his land, you’re also speaking ill against Naakua, and all the Mana, all the warriors, all the Alii and all the Hawaiian Spirits who dwell amongst us, on Kauai, anyway. I’ve never lived on any other Island, but I’ve heard tale there are Native Hawaiians on other Islands who don’t speak to the Spirits of the hawaiian Ancestors, and have never seen nor felt their presence. Such is the haole lifestyle, I suppose.

    I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is called the Other Polynesian Island. There are more Polynesians here than anywhere outside of Polynesia. I’m lucky to get to listen to the Samoan and Tongan families speak their fluent Polynesian Dialects on a daily basis, like its nothing. I hear Maori and Tahitian on a regular basis spoken like its nothing. Like you very rarely ever hear in Hawaii, even on Kauai. And if you hear it in Hawaii your hair stands up on the back of your neck and on your arms, because you’re in the presence of Gods, and the Gods are sat beside you. But here its just a healthy language from healthy cultures, not molested or destroyed by the white Americans.

    These are cultures where Polynesians have developed freely, of themselves, without the destruction and decimation Hawaiian culture has gone through. China is the strongest country in the world, not one white American is anywhere to be seen. People get along fine without them. All of the modern conveniences in life are not “Thanks to the white American”. Hawaiians can live a Hawaiian life, in a Hawaiian Country, that is as technologically advanced as Hawaiians wish to make it.

    Its the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi for a reason. Its Polynesia, AND WE DEMAND RESPECT, EQUAL SOVEREIGN RESPECT YOU’D GIVE ANY OTHER KINGDOM IN POLYNESIA. You want to go run your white-American-is-life in Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, or wherever else you think people would stand for Polynesians turning their back on their culture and country, in favor of foreign rapists, thieves, robbers, pillagers, and pilferers, it simply doesn’t tract.

    When you mention Atooi, you mention it with the respect you would mention the Independent Kingdom of Tonga, Samoa, The Marquesas, or anywhere else in Polynesia. Fk your American trash. Hawaii is at the top of the Polynesian Kingdom, and all of Polynesia is united under Atooi, for their Hawaiian brothers, and as one Polynesian Kingdom, we can prosper in trade and economic endeavors for all of the people of Polynesia, with Hawaii helping to bring our brothers out of the 3rd world, to be Polynesian Kingdom to be reckoned with, on par with any other country on earth.

    The separate Polynesian Island Kingdoms and Chains are but Provinces and Prefectures of One unified Kingdom of Polynesia, encompassing the entirety of the Polynesian Triangle, and closely united with the rest of Oceania. A Kingdom known as Atooi.

    You are either apart of Polynesia, or you are an enemy of Polynesians, working for the Americans, to give Hawaii, its land, its resources and its children to the white hillbilly American. You work for Polynesiana and the Kingdom of Atooi, or you work for Trump, and the racits white supremacist fkwits in Alabama and Louisiana. Christian isn’t a White American thing, either. Its from the fkn Middle East, people white Americans hate, people who Hawaiians don’t. We are more decimated than any other culture on earth. We are nearly an extinct people with an extinct language and culture, because of the white Americans, who have nearly made every Native American Indian tribe Extinct as well.

    You need to ask yourself why you’re so American, and seem to be working for them. These kinds of posts pop up like crazy, most are actually NSA trolls and propagandists trying to divide Hawaiians and protect American interests in our land, and maintain their iron grip stronghold on our land and people. So either you’re doing their work, and their bidding, or you’re standing for a Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Hey, raise up your own Kingdom on your own Island, making it a Kingdom of the many Hawaiian Kingdoms, claim your throne as Alii, and work united with the Kingdom of Atooi and the rest of Polynesia wanting as desperately to help the Hawaiian people as the rest of the world is desperate to help the Native Americans and other nearly extinct cultures and people wiped from the face of the earth by the arrogant, entitled, selfish, endlessly greedy, deceptive Machiavellian white American.

    Ask yourself where you stand, with your ancestors, side by side, or on their bones, with a big mac in hand.

  • Howling Ha'ole

    I acknowledge that this isn’t exactly the topic, which I THINK was the sovereignty of Kauai in contrast to the other islands.

    Lemme preface this with the following. I was a cos’ ha’ole who lived on O’ahu and Maui for a combined total of four years. In said time, I gained a lot of love for the State/Kingdom of Hawai’i. For the MOST part, I was treated well by the locals, including those of Native Hawaiian decent. I was also able to form quite a few opinions that mainlanders and locals alike don’t really want to hear. Including one really big one that I’m hoping one of y’all could answer.

    My question is this:

    If the U.S. Government granted full sovereignty tomorrow….what would y’all do with it?

    Several things come to mind when I ponder this.

    First of all, would you honestly expect to have the same standard of living as is enjoyed currently….especially in Honolulu/O’ahu?? Nowhere in Polynesia are there the mainland amenities which are presently in the Aloha State. Downtown Honolulu is indistinguishable from any major city on the Mainland. Furthermore, one thing I’ve noticed is that locals, kanaka included, LOOOOOOVE their cars. Did I say cars, I meant BIG ASSED TRUCKS. And NEW ones, too. I barely saw ANY older autos there, and the ones I DID see were well-maintained classic cars. It amazed me how there were no beaters (shit cars) there.

    The BIGGER question on my mind is one of racial harmony.

    Native Hawaiians CAN BE some racist fuckas, and not just towards Da Ha’ole. One of the funniest pidgin sentences I heard (in Kaneohe, if anyone was interested) was “you one NIGGA!” being blurted to a poor popolo (who was in fact Puerto Rican). And don’t get one started about Micros!!!

    I’m fairly certain that if the “Kingdom” (which is just a shallow ripoff of Buckingham Palace) were given it’s power back in full force, it would establish a system of apartheid like what has consistently happened in Fiji for much the same reason.

    “Natives” first, EVERYONE ELSE second.

    Now before you start pounding your keyboards, ask yourself:

    “Is he actually wrong?”

    I really hope that I AM.

    I would just as soon turn in my American Passport for a Hawaiian one as long as I didn’t believe I’d end up in a concentration camp.

    Lili’koi and Spam,


  • Hi Adriyn. Valid concerns.

    Ali’i Nui Aipoalani is actually far less racist than most Activists. Kaua’i isn’t really a racist place, though it can feel like that to outsiders. It’s actually very inclusive, and is more about who you are, who you know, how you were raised, how you act, etc. Haoles who are really just haoles naturally may not get the best treatment, but to my knowledge, no White person on Kauai who is not only very Kamaaina but also caring of the Native Hawiians, and conscious of their behavior, how they talk etc, and are cautious where they step, verbally, metaphorically, & physically, and who are generally respectful know when to shut up and are able to kowtow when needed, even if they don’t feel the Mana, are at least aware that its there, and other people feel it, etc. are treated like anyone else, or any local, really.

    Ali’i Nui Aipoalani chose the name Atooi for a reason, inclusivity of outsiders. Its a Romanization of the Native Hawaiian Term, meaning Light of Akua. FYI, all Hawaiian words ever written are Romanizations of Hawaiian words, and there is no written word which is Hawaiian. In fact, we are free to Romanize the Hawaiian language any way we see fit. We could simply write Ehlooheh instead of Aloha, and it would be equally as accurate, and as equally Hawaiian.

    A lot of the people Ali’i Nui Aipoalani chooses to listen to and keep close at hand are actually not even Native Hawaiian at all.

    He’s a smart guy, way smarter than most people are giving him credit for, and far more intelligent than anyone talking bad about him or his Kingdom.

    His is a Kingdom where you don’t have to be Native Hawaiian to be a citizen, as it is for most all of Polynesia. He’s a man who’s traveled to other Polynesian Kingdoms, and understands their Kingdoms. Most everyone talking sht about him has never even left Hawaii, or left ‘merica. He holds a world view, and clear vision for Polynesia, supported by other Kingdoms throughout Polynesia.

    Also, we don’t call it racism when cultures have been decimated by outside invaders who were actually racist fvckwits and gutted and destroyed their entire civilization. You aren’t the same, and aren’t entitled to feel harmed by their defense and desperation, and utter despondence. You’re not equal, nor equally affected by an injustice. Its disgraceful to even mention it. Racism against Black people in Hawaii stems directly from white people and their influence. Their culture of “liking Hawaiians or Polynesians” whilst on the mainland they murdering, lynching and burning black people in the streets.

    Mormons, who own a great deal of land in Hawaii, and who own the Polynesian Cultural Center, are among the most influential Christian Missionaries ever to arrive in Hawaii, if not THE most influential, and are, themselves, amongst the most racist religions and people on earth against Black people, Particularly when it comes to them having to be around black people, mingle with them, work with them, or live near them. Utah today is one of the most racist places in America, as racist as the deep south.

    A lot of the people in the Florida and across the deep south who literally want to shoot black people dead 24/7 are actually quite amicable to Hawaiians and “don’t have a problem with” them.

    A lot of the old timer Hawaiians were very heavily influenced by the American Cowboy, more so than the Spanish Paniolo. Country Western music is one of the biggest radio stations on Kauai. A lot of really racist white trash hillbillies live in Hawaii, and are very good friends with Native Hawaiians and other locals, and naturally have a strong influence on their shared views of the poor, heavily abused & decimated diaspora of Africa. As for Micronesians, and even a lot of Melanesians, Hawaiians wither can’t tell them apart from Africans, don’t care to, or have themselves a sense of pride in not being related to the Continent of Africa, and rather to the Americas & Asia instead.

    Anyway, you’re a bit typical of an American, though, in your view that everywhere else on earth suffers in poverty except for America. Hawaii is currently America. Getting rid of America isn’t going to make Hawaii go back to an undeveloped island in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. There are a great many very advanced countries, far more advanced than America in terms of the quality of life for its citizens, around the world who would be very willing to help a Sovereign Hawaii more than they’ve ever helped America, this goes for Japan, Korea, and all of Europe, and literally every other country on the planet. They would all love to help Hawaiians, and the UN is there to make sure Hawaii is not unnecessarily gutted or abused further by the white Americans.

    Also, keep in mind when people say they don’t like white people, they are referring to White Americans. We love the Dutch, Germans, French, Irish, Scottish, Danes, Spanish, Italians, Russians, and literally all the other white people on the planet. So, its actually NOT racism, at all.

    You are attributing everything you see in Hawaii to white Americans, and you believe that without White Americans in Control, there will be some sort of Planet of the Apes village. You, sir, are extremely racist. Everything you see in Hawaii can be improved and become more Utopian than any society in Northern Europe, in the hands of Hawaiians.

    I’m native Hawaiian, sir, please do tell me how you or anyone you’ve ever known or met is somehow smarter or more capable than me, or any Hawaiian. Hawaiians are amongst the most intelligent people ever to have lived. Kauna is clear example of their extreme intellect, in use today. When you mix races, from more distant lineages, you end up with far more intelligent people than either of the parental races. What you have in Hawaii is an entire population comprised almost entirely of mixed European, Polynesian and Asian people, for several generations. What you have in Hawaii is a population of the smartest minds and highest intelligences on earth. Many people form Hawaii work in top levels of the U.S. Government Intelligence Communities, because they know where they smart people are as well. Its probably the main reason Hawaiians are kept down as much as possible by foreigners encouraging them to just get high and speak more fkn pidgin.

    There is nothing you have to offer Hawaii, so you may well be justified in fearing losing your standing. Rather than attacking Hawaiian Kingdom, might I offer you a different strategy; try, instead, to be someone with something to offer the Kingdom. Or, head on back to Texas.

    There are probably more Hawaiians outside of Hawaii than in Hawaii, and this because they can’t afford to live there. They have very good, very justifiable and very understandable reasons for not liking haole.

    And neither are you to come around here giving your haole opinion on whether or Not NATIVE HAWAIIANS should even be allowed to have ANY OF THEIR OWN FKN LAND. What are you Mr. Dole? You got a Pineapple plantation there somewhere you need to keep the natives off of?

    Try, for a moment, to take yourself out of your little american drama series, and put yourself in the shoes of Hawaiians, and the shoes of the Europeans watching America’s endless mistreatment and injustices, or as I like to call it “unfcking yourself”. You will see that Hawaiians are the only Native Indigenous people on Planet Earth no to have Any of their Sovereignty or ANY of their Native lands. You’ll see how pathetically greedy you have been, and then, ideally, wonder why you ever part of such ridiculous injustices. And maybe, after all that, be a useful person to the Kingdom of Atooi, or to Hawaii Nei in general

  • Christopher a Kanehilua-Freitas Sr

    okay you know way you stay yeah right here with the rest of my braddahs and sistahs a keanu you doing good work for all kanaka thank you then i know i stay the right place Aloha everybody

  • Gregg Winston

    Atu = light , Io = god . ATOOI means the light of god

  • Mitchell k Alapa

    Atooi is a old name of polynisia

  • Kahuhipa

    Here we go how it all started the kingdom of atooi !
    There was efforts by Prince Kohio kaanaanaoli to help represent the Hawaiians in a time of crisis.
    With some of his work came the Kohio charter this charter I have held and read front to back along with three others in a public park on Kauai. The man that possessed this book in which I have a copy was a man from New Zealand his name was Kahu we became friends and he was good friends with Kaliko from the Hawaii island “ big island” the same guy speaking against atooi on this very site.
    Now the word atooi was the name in the Kohio Charter “ kingdom of atooi” so it wasn’t made up day Dain Aipolani it is a description of a place in the Charter. So as the story gos four of us are setting on a picnic table at the park deciding to see how valid is this charter because in the back parts of the charter there is a registration form. This charter was Kahu’s and he did not want to put his name on the registered page because he was afraid it would lead to him and being he was over extended on his visa he’d face deportation. So Dain volunteered to signing it and it was sent off we were testing something we knew very little of Kahu claimed he was the great grandson of prince Kohio and this charter was haded Down to him.
    The charter had a number on it charter 1. Kohio charter kingdom of atooi however it listed the places it pertained too.
    So in reality only those three places fall under the charter and not all of Kauai so there could be a misunderstanding to it’s given jurisdictional powers. In the charter it said United nation charter with the United States as part of its maker of the charter could it be with the efforts of Kohio that this came to be? Also if there a number 1. Charter there may be more?
    We found out it was real confirmed by the UN that is how he gets a set there so atooi is for real don’t throw stones at something you do not have the facts on you wasting your time and it shows your ignorance. Get you head out of the gutter and look for facts first before jumping in on a beef with others just because someone threw a stone that dose not mean his guilty and it’s ok to start throwing stones too.
    With that said understanding the jurisdictional perimeter and with that you can help your self and Dain to understand the extent of his power yeah help and not aggravate. So now check this out the south Polynesia islands go wind of it through the coconut wireless and an invitation was extended to Dain and an alliance was formed because they are looking at the opportunity to be hired at the set of the UN with the set that Dain possesses legally.
    In this charter Dain has the right to form a government, police forces, federal officers and a lot more it is the obligation of having the charter. Dain’s authorities Comes with the backing of the UNited Nations and the United States not as an enemy but a part solution To a problem instigated by Prince Kohio. So get the f—-k out of his way and let him try times are hard enough stop being an asshole and help maybe Dain no understand all its jurisdictional perimeters he needs to be helped.
    Approach the man ask to see the charter work with him learn together humbly in every man there is good find it. I believe that Dain is not the king of Hawaii or represents all of us in Hawaii but he is of the jurisdictional boundary’s of the Charter with out a doubt. With that said in the charter he can only serve for a time specified by age in which I believe is near so he must vote for a new head of that state soon or stand losing it all.

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