Support the completion of Noho Hewa film

Received this message from Keala Kelly, creator of "Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii" and I encourage everyone to chip in even if you can just do a bit, Keala has worked so hard on this film for a long time and it is a great way to get the message out.

Aloha No Kakou:

Since "Noho Hewa" premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival, where it won the Best Documentary Award, I've been incredibly honored by how it has been received. As of October, I've done 24 screenings and talk-story/ Q&A sessions with nearly 5,000 people, mostly Hawaiians. 

Now, I need to raise $15,000 to complete the work of this film and survive. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I now not only have to find a new place to live by January 1st, I also have to immediately repay the loan of rent and expenses incurred during these last months of almost completing the film.

The money will go towards the costs associated with the final stages of completing "Noho Hewa" and to my survival during that time. The work that remains to be done includes the following: 25 different film festival applications that range in price from $50 to $150 dollars per festival. (Festivals are the best way to bring attention to our plight because they inspire people outside of Hawaii to care about what happens in Hawaii.) I will be re-shooting and doing final editing, sound work, color correction and re-mix of tracks, the duration of which depends on scheduling for re-shoots, the post-production technical issues that typically arise and whether or not I have the economic resources to address those matters. I will be securing music rights and finding new music to replace songs I cannot secure the rights to. And in addition to querying distributors in hopes of securing an agreement that will make the DVD available by summer, work must be done for a new website and a promotional package that needs to go along with it to festivals. All of this will take about 3 solid months.

It's my hope that the "community" will support me in this last push to keep "Noho Hewa" on its feet by making donations here through this website ( Or, if anyone knows of a few donors who might be willing to make large donations, I would be happy to talk with them directly and if needed, find a non-profit fiscal sponsor through which they may donate for tax purposes.

Without support, I don't believe I can do what is necessary to complete the film and make sure it is seen in the light of our struggle in 2009. 

"Noho Hewa" has a future here and in the world outside of Hawaii, via film festivals, university screenings and distribution. It has already proven itself to be successful, even though it is not quite finished. Please kokua if you can. We and our homeland are at a critical crossroads in our history… I believe with all my heart and spirit that "Noho Hewa" can play an important role in how we determine our future.

Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone for the important work so many of you are doing now, to those of you have already made donations over the years to this project, and for anything that any of you will do to help me in this last push effort.


Posted: Mon - December 29, 2008 at 03:43 PM    
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