Superferry military connection: follow the money

Kyle Kajihiro from AFSC-Hawaii talks about the Superferry and it's military connections:

See this previous post about the Superferry's "considerable military utility."

In his blog post today, Ian Lind notes (and excerpts)...
...a couple of questions among those posed in writing by Inouye to nominees for two U.S. Department of Transportation nominees during an April 2005 hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (Inouye was, at the time, co-chair of the committee). The questions seem to imply that there was excessive bureaucratic scrutiny of the Superferry loan application. This tells you the senators’ office was aware of the Superferry application and how it was handled, which could be seen as inconsistent with the assertion that they took no position on the Superferry request.

Announcement from the Advertiser Monday... Coincidence?
Hawaii Guard begins anti-terror exercise on Kauai

The Hawai'i National Guard's 93rd Civil Support Team today began its annual weeklong anti-terrorism training exercise on Kaua'i.

While the exercise is taking place, a portion of the Vidinha Stadium parking lot and access road will be closed, and county officials are advising the public to stay away from the area.

The county Civil Defense Agency is co-sponsoring the training with the Hawai'i National Guard to ensure that county, state and federal agencies and private industry will be prepared in the event of a terrorist attack on the Garden Island.

The training will test anti-terrorist response plans through various scenarios.

The fact that people (in letters, etc.) have been referring to Kaua'i protesters performing civil disobedience as terrorists is extremely alarming, and this type of language should be strongly condemned by all.

Gov. Linda Lingle is holding a public meeting on Superferry at 6 tonight at the Kaua'i War Memorial Convention Hall. Kaua'i residents are holding a meeting of their own beforehand... this received via email from Sabra Kauka...
Before her meeting, we are proposing a gathering of our own. It will be a Gathering of Aloha to request an EIS FIRST!—with the  intention, strength and clarity to protect and preserve our precious Garden Island of Kaua‘i.

The Governor, Superferry officials and certain media have been trying to paint those seeking an Environmental Impact Statement on Kaua`i as a small, insignificant minority.

Please join other concerned citizens of Kaua‘i to show how unified and deep our desire is for an EIS FIRST!

Where : Historic County Building, Lihu‘e
When : Thursday, September 20, 2007
Time : 4:30-5:30  PM

Our purpose is to gather law-abiding citizens of Kaua‘i to express our earnest desire for a pono decision-making process on the Superferry.

Meanwhile, Advertiser reports:
A Big Island attorney yesterday asked for a temporary restraining order in federal court to block the Coast Guard from setting up a new federal security zone in Nawiliwili Harbor on Kaua'i when Hawaii Superferry is expected to return Wednesday.

Lanny Sinkin, the attorney, also is arguing that the Coast Guard acted improperly in establishing the emergency rule.

Sinkin, who also has filed a petition against the security zone with the Coast Guard, brought the suit on behalf of 22 people, including some of the protesters who went into the harbor last month to stop the ferry.

Sinkin is questioning whether the emergency rule is valid because the effective dates — Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 — are listed in the preamble of the rule's publication in the Federal Register but not in the rule itself.

Sinkin also believes the Coast Guard is improperly applying emergency powers intended to protect harbors from terrorism or sabotage to protesters using their First Amendment rights.

"They've used it, basically, to suppress free speech — suppress First Amendment rights — and make it possible for a business to make a profit," Sinkin said at a news conference outside the federal court. "I don't think that regulation was intended for either one of those purposes."

Also reported in the Star-Bulletin.

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