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President Cleveland birthday celebration today

A Special Invitation to the:

President Grover Cleveland

Hoolaulea La Hanau – Birthday Celebration

& Cleveland Portrait Unveiling and Onipaa Photo Event

Date: March 17th, 2012, Saturday

Place: Cleveland Court – Mililani Street and Queen Street (Look for the Cleveland Pohaku)

Time and Event Schedule: 10:00 AM

10:00 AM Registration (pre-registration recommended)
10:30 Program / Portrait Unveiling w/ Gov. John Waihee
11:15 Onipaa Photo Event (group photo – everyone, & groups) 11:30 Refreshments

Pre-registration available just contact PJRC 330-3771

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (event co-sponsor) Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Royal Societies, Royal Guard, Kingdom of Hawaii Crown Order
Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center U.H. Peace Studies and
Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work St. Andrews Cathedral, Members and Na Kahu Hawaiian Kahu
Forgiveness Project
Interfaith Alliance

Staging for large group photo behind Cleveland pohaku will take place after program. Photos will document Hawaii support for Cleveland and be sent to Cleveland’s home states of New York and New Jersey. Other group photos will follow.

A reproduced portrait of Cleveland from the Caldwell, NJ, Grover Cleveland Birthplace Museum will be unveiled and blessed for use in the community from the community – those who attend this March 17th event.

For more info and to pre-register please contact PJRC: (Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center) at 330-3771


2 comments to President Cleveland birthday celebration today

  • Grover Cleveland left unfinished business in Hawaii. I cannot wholly support this project. Let’s not make a saint out of someone unless he leaves a better legacy.

  • Ken Ng

    And let us petition the current president to live up to the agreement that was drawn up between sovereigns. The buck has been passed long enough. Let’s call for Barack Obama to finish this business now!

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