This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Dr. Sai sets Ken Conklin straight

Check out this essay from Keanu in Hawaii News Daily, in response to Ken Conklin. Read if you want to understand where Keanu is coming from, and why Conklin has no qualified expertise in Hawaiian political science.

7 comments to Dr. Sai sets Ken Conklin straight

  • Lima 'Ula

    Dr. Keanu Sai has employed the Midas touch in his response every word has turned to gold…. little wonder he is the gifted charismatic idol to a whole generation of Hawaiian Nationals!

  • Ken Ng

    Aloha. We know what is pono and what isn’t. In this case we know who is pono and who isn’t. And we know how to rectify the oppression of our occupation: a Free Hawai’i.

  • Keliiaumoana

    Dr. Sai = Modern day Ali’i.

  • Lima 'Ula

    Aloha kakou.
    In the event readers have not heard the sad news Hawaiian National patriot Richard Pomaikaiokalani Kinney of Nanakuli, O’ahu passed away yesterday October 19th at approximately 18.25 hrs. For many years Pomai was the public face at gatherings.
    Today, tomorrow our whole life through, we will always love and remember you!
    Nothing on Earth can ever replace, the sound of your voice and the smile on your face. No verse, no flowers, no tears can say, how much we will miss you dearest Pomai everyday.

  • vasa taualii

    Any comment on this subject requires true objectivity backed by accepted documentation on both sides of the issue. I have read both Ken Conklin’s opinions and Dr. Keanu Sai’s recent response to Conklin.
    As a people, Hawaii is blessed to have in this generation, a clear-minded, logical and rational person with the intelligence and talent to “stay in the ring” to discuss and debate the real issues regarding Hawaii’s Sovereignty. Anyone who doubts his intentions and talent need only to read and review information on
    To go against the United States’ legal arsenal requires strength, courage and honest belief in your cause. Not to be intimidated by the overwhelming odds going against such a powerful global force takes a special person, i.e. “David vs. Goliath.”
    Let’s all support Dr. Keanu Sai in his efforts to “tell it like it is.”
    Mahalo Dr. Sai,
    Vasa Taualii

  • look4it

    aloha…im just glad to see after a 100 years of being taught the wrong history… keanu has step forward and set everyone straight… guys its time to teach the keiki… teach the moopuna… teach everyone the truth… its time for the huli… plant the seeds so our flowers can grow again… think hawaiian… be hawaiian… this is the Hawaiian Kingdom … holomua

  • ManuSamoa

    Dr. Keanu Sai is like the second coming of the Messiah for the Hawaiian people. The first was Queen Liliuokalani. But what Dr. Sai purports are based on facts not parables. He’s merely exposing long-buried historical facts about the Hawaiian Kingdom. The people are brainwashed and have been told a lie. The people must re-educate themselves and seek enlightenment. Take the red pill and wake up!

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