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U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal of Kamehameha case

Star-Advertiser reports:

The last remaining court challenge to Kamehameha Schools’ admissions policy giving preference to native Hawaiians came to an end yesterday when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case of four unidentified students who contended the practice violates federal civil rights laws.

2 comments to U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal of Kamehameha case

  • Win808

    Well what do ya know, the buck actually stopped!

  • Win808

    The attorney and students all get an “F” in blackmail and fraud 101!
    If there is anyone to be really afraid of it would be themselves!
    This is a well deserved: “IN YOUR FACE” moment!!!
    Couldn’t help that slip up! E kala mai au!!

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