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OHA unveils landmark Papakilo Database

Release from OHA…

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs today formally unveiled the Papakilo Database, a new electronic cultural resource. The Papakilo Database is a “database of databases,” or a search engine for Hawaiian cultural information.

The Papakilo Database has been in development since 2007 and is the first to collate more than 225,000 records from dissimilar databases into a single digital resource. It pulls together several databases of land and government records, historic Hawaiian language newspapers and certain historic genealogy indexes.

Previously, people seeking many of these records would have to spend a lot of time visiting various offices and agencies.  Papakilo Database makes the records available online and many records and databases can be searched with just a few keystrokes.

The Papakilo Database will be the central repository for Hawaiian knowledge and will serve as a knowledge base for self-determination. Native Hawaiians have a great tradition of sharing information and passing down knowledge. Traditionally, we did this orally by telling stories. With Papakilo we’re doing it with technology.

The Papakilo Database can be found at

4 comments to OHA unveils landmark Papakilo Database

  • Albertalynn L Teeples

    Aloha My name is Albertalynn Leialoha (Mahi) Teeples
    I would like some information on my family history. There are some much unclear information that I’m hearing please can you send me some information.
    Aloha Alberta

  • Ken Ng

    And these “stories” will show us we are not Native Americans as the OHA supported Akaka Bill would have us “determined.” We are an independent Nation under occupation by the US and its agencies. We already know we are citizens of a sovereign Nation. Our stories say so.


    I’m proud to Hawaiian or Kanaka Maoli this is a site that will help many people to view and read up on Hawaiian culture and the new Laws as well as old…see land charts and so on very nice site.Mahalo..

  • Jon Santos

    Aloha all just found this site and wanted to share: He polo polo laka Moi e ka kaha kai lelo e maka Moi lelo hana ho paka kau ueke liliha mana wai leohu paka pau lepo e Po mai kaii no amene.

    ” We all see what’s happening today it only takes one to make a differences when others Stand alone but with the Goodness of our Heavens that Beautiful Lights that Shine down we have been waiting now to move froward speaking of our great wealth it is know to all that what ever happen in the past we cannot change but when our Great King with his Strength shall call upon the Heavens all will know when he comes”

    Always Love and Aloha

    Jon Santos

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