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HCR107 on Executive Agreements passes House Committee

HCR 107 “Establishing a joint legislative investigating committee to investigate the status of two executive agreements entered into in 1893 between United States President Grover Cleveland and Queen Lili’uokalani of the Hawaiian Kingdom, called the Lili’uokalani Assignment and the Agreement of Restoration” has passed the House Committee on Hawaiian Affairs. It will now move to the floor of the House of Representatives for debate, and then move on to the House Judiciary Committee.

Here’s a video on youtube that was posted by a person who was present at the hearing. Yesterday evening Representative Mele Carroll video taped her show at the capital with Dr. Keanu Sai, Willy Kauai, Ph.D. candidate and Assistant Professor Lynette Cruz as guests. Great dialogue and engagement of the executive agreements should be airing soon on cable access on all islands.

Update: Here’s Rep. Carroll’s show on HCR 107 done the evening of the day the resolution passed the Hawaiian Affairs Committee.

4 comments to HCR107 on Executive Agreements passes House Committee

  • Mahalo to all involved in making this testimony and video happen.

  • Ka'ehu

    What a thrilling and perilous time to navigate through…I am honoured to be a witness to it. The courage and brilliance of many Kanaka who stand up for what is Pono and the Hawai’ian Kingdom. Big Mahalo…imua the Kingdom of Hawai’i!

  • big up… to mele carrol… for the investigation… being makaala to hawaiis true history… which is long over due… 2 executve agreements… who would have ever thought

  • aloha… had a chance to read keoni agards testimony on the 2 executive agreements… its quite detailed and well written… after reading it… i now understand why rep mele carrol open the investigation… you can find it at hawaiian independence action alliance… mahalo

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