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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Dr. Keanu Sai interview with Lynette Cruz re federal law suit

Issues That Matter: Obama Suit in DC Court, Length: 0:56
Focus on alternative perspectives about current issues, July 1, 2010

Lynette Cruz interviews Dr. Keanu Sai regarding the lawsuit David Keanu Sai v. Barack Obama, et al

2 comments to Dr. Keanu Sai interview with Lynette Cruz re federal law suit

  • Suzanna Ohoiner

    Aloha Dr Lynette Cruz:
    Many thanks for the eye opening program with your guest dr Keianu Sai. His paddle is definitely in, that he will ‘reach’ a historical milestone in the solution that ends Hawai’is illigal occupation by the United States.

    And I am a very enthusiastic supporter for him winning the race. As he mentioned it is only a matter of time. I salute his grandmother for ‘launching’ him, as you said to this endeavor, that landed him in THe Hague the Netherlands’ Peace Palace World Court of Justice and to be continued. As I salute him as well for his tenacity in tackling this ‘project’ all these years and still until the full reestablishment of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    I was born in the Netherlands in 1951. Just years after World War II, where my father was a soldier in the Royal Dutch Indies Army(KNIL). Fighting in the Pacific during WWII.
    Along with approximately 12000 other military personnel mostly from Moluccan descent were transferred to the Netherlands,lived in ex German concentration camps, after Japan lost the war.
    My roots lie in the Moluccas, Island South East Asia, as it is called now, my strong belief is that my ancestors came here to Hawai’i in the ancient times. I am talking about the history that is lost some 1400 years or more before the arrival of Captain Cook.
    The reason I believe this stems from several observations,
    1):crimson red cloth used by the ancient Hawai’ians in ceremonies.
    2):The Kukui tree(Aleurites Moluccana) I was surprised to hear from a Hawaiian
    botanist who lives on the big Island, the seedlings came from the Moluccas. in
    those double hulled canoes in the 1200’s.
    3):Our similar boat building technique ; very much the same as the late Papa Mau Pilug
    from Micronesia, who revived the Hawaiian boat building technique in the 70’s;
    4):Moloka’i which name was spelled Morotai( similar to Morotai in the
    Moluccas and many more examples that I came to discover while living here.
    Moluccan people (The Alif’Uru’s) meaning first head Alif is first uru is head, believe they have been put on their aina in Nusa Ina(Mother Island) by the Creator, the Invisible Hand. Therefore they are not from anywhere else, but they went everywhere, Australia, which geographically is close to the Moluccan Islands and from then visiting all oceanic peoples including Samoa (which the original name of Samoa is Sawai or Savai, in the north of Nusa Ina(now called Ceram) is a place called Sawai( until the present time).
    Before I write a novel, I would like to just thank you again and give my two thumbs up for your dedication keeping Hawaii alive by organizing many events .
    I am interested in Dr Sai’s classes not only in Hawaiian related issues, but also political science related matters, as I believe our case, the Moluccan case might benefit from the clarity in explaining certain terms.
    But I will email him separately for this.
    My question for you is, do you still teach Anthropology at the Hawaii Pacific University?
    Mahalo for reading and responding to my reply.

  • Lynette Cruz

    aloha, susanna. thank you for your interesting email. yes, i am still teaching anth at HPU. if you find yourself in hawaii sometime in the near future, do contact me. my hpu email address is maybe we can get together with keanu and have a good talk story.

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