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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Letter to the Editor in Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Dear Editor,

Not Senator this or that or a U.S. affiliate, but David Keanu Sai whose Ph.D. degree focused on international relations and public law as well as Hawaiian constitutionalism.

It’s heartening to know that there’s an advocate for Hawaiian justice in Washington D.C.

Now on the docket is Sai vs. Hilary Rodham Clinton et al, a case wherein Sai will argue for the fulfillment of the Executive Agreement finalized in the winter of 1893 between Queen Lili`uokalani and President Grover Cleveland and incumbent on presidential successors. At stake is nothing less than establishing validity for restoration of the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom in the 21st century.

Keahi Felix

Further, in the clash between legal systems – Hawaiian Kingdom/U.S. – as a Hawaiian National, Sai is claiming punitive damages for the raw deal the State of Hawaii judiciary system subjected him to in 1999 when in court he was tried and sentenced under U.S. law on charges that effectually shut down his business, took away his livelihood, sullied his good name and put a lot of question marks about his honesty and that of his business associates in the minds of the Hawaiian community.

The defendants have a time limit in which to respond to the charge that with Sai arguing the case may prove history in the making.

Imua. Mahalo,

(I think it’s technically Obama et al, since he’s the first defendant names, but Clinton is second.)

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