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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Hawaiian national sues President Obama in Federal Court in Washington, D.C.

Press Release from Dr. D. Keanu Sai…

Hawaiian national sues President Obama in Federal Court in Washington, D.C.


Kane`ohe, Hawaiian Islands, June 1, 2010 — Dr. David Keanu Sai, a national of the Hawaiian Kingdom, today filed a complaint in Federal Court in Washington, D.C., against U.S. President Obama, U.S. Secretary of State Clinton, U.S. Secretary of Defense Gates, U.S. Pacific Command Commander Admiral Willard and Hawai`i Governor Lingle for violation of an 1893 Executive Agreement between the United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom and is seeking punitive damages of $10 million dollars for malicious indictment, prosecution and conviction of a so-called felony. The Defendants have 60 days from date of service to file an answer to the complaint.

See the full release, including a link to a full copy of the complaint, and numerous other links providing background and reference on the suit.

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  • Marguerite Beavers

    Please send me ALL links, and GO KANAKAS!!!!!!

  • Marguerite Beavers

    Oops, found the main link to supply all the needs!
    Mahalo nui loa, and a hui hou!!!

  • KaohiWaianae

    Not sure if this will be published. Waianae is made up of many communities that are visited by militant enforcements. Sometimes at the request of residence they are called to oppress the villagers such as the beach people living on the shores of Waianae. Soon the governing entity of military style will succeed in breaking down the camps, then what? The private residence is next, it’s just a matter of time. The culture stress latest impact was on our Na Kupuna. I wish you luck in this endeavor. Much Aloha

  • $10 million dollars – due/past due rents and leases of $500 trillion dollars per year retroactive to 1893 has been sent to OBAMA, et. als – is such a little amount compared to what is actually owed.

    Our neutral, non violent friendly nation with Queen Liliuokalani as the head was placed under duress, premeditation by Congress who gave a standing order to assume a friendly nation seven (7) days before the Americans posing as Hawaiian subjects/conspirators/Pirates/terrorists moved to dethrone her, assume her assets, lands, her 40,000 subjects lands, assets vs. the 3,000 Americans/supporters with gatling guns, cannons, etc. The U.S. breached the Law of Nations, the treaty of friendship and supported the concerted effort to assume our government, dethrone our Queen, make our people into slaves, etc.

    Keanu Sai represents a perspective of a military martial law/government rule; however, the International arena for the purposes of documenting U.S. as a terrorist, belligerent, pirating nation, a duress, coercion, usurpation, stress upon the Queen and subjects whose descendants exist today have history(ies)/proof of genocide activities used to criminally assume their assets, resources, lands. The Pirating activities continue with the entity State of Hawaii criminally claiming themselves to be our Hawaiian Kingdom with the support of a foreign born, Bank of Hawaii family member President Obama lying through his charming Coconut smiles, a belligerent military occupation utilizing Depleted Uranium/DU in our midst with the goal of exterminating our neutral, non violent people, kanaka maoli, Americans, and foreigners in our islands even now.

  • just keep in mind this is more about the legal strategy than the amount of money. keep an eye on the legal approach, it can be applied in any situation, this is a test case.

  • Robert Ebanez

    This is the right legal medium to work with to attain justice. We continue to be illegally occupied until today. Our last Queen Liliuokalani had an agreement with the United States to restore our Nation back then.

    We need America to comply with this treaty between States in good faith as agreed over 100 years ago.

  • Esther Joseph

    This case is likely to be dismissed as the court will rule that David Keanu Sai has no standing to bring it. This is a common cop out in cases like this.

    The next reason to dismiss will be that as the Republic of Hawaii was internationally recognized, any executive agreement between Prez Cleveland and the Kingdom is invalid as the new government did not wish for the executive agreement to continue.

    If not, the next excuse will be that as the Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, (2009) from the Supremes ruled 9-0 that the state of Hawaii has the “absolute” title to the public lands of the State of Hawaii, any arguments of illegal American takeover are invalid and nullify the case. It is hard to overule the SC. What can you expect from an American court on this issue? The bias is impossible to overcome. At least the liberal wing could have objected…

    If the case is not dismissed, watch the Attorney General find some obscure reason to toss this out. There will never be an American court that hears and rules in favor of a case like this.

    I think the only venue for a fair legal hearing in an international court. A more creative legal approach needs to be tried.

  • Michael Kalua

    This case may not carry much weight in the American Courts. Keanu is hoping for favor in the World Courts where evidence shows the occupation of the soverign Nation of the Sandwich Island (Kingdom of Hawaii). Go get um bradda’s, good luck.

  • Kaʻehunuiokaihe

    When I was little, here in Hawai’i, my mother would tell me bedtime stories about London during World War II, so they were real experiences. Being a little keiki I loved these stories with bombs, fires, and planes. However, now I know it was about the Nazi’s wanting to destroy and invade England. Every nite my mother would tell me the Ack Ack guns would start firing around sunset against the Luftwaffe, and it would rain shrapnal, with fires and explosions everywhere. One time they’d had enough of the bombing and my girl-mother and her cousins went through the city of London looking for other shelter walking with blankets over their heads because of the constant rain of exploded metal. I recount this because this piece of personal history informs and impels me in my personal zeal for freedom of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I consider myself a native Hawaiian of British descent. So I say all the above to conclude by saying, Dr. Sai’s brilliant statagem, i.e. piece of ‘generalship’, brings the argument and suit to a wider audience, not all kow-tow to the US, to the International scene. The Germans probably couldn’t give a flying fig about what the French objected to during WWII during their own occupation (they danced for them at the Folies Bergère, cooked for them, entertained them while they looted art)…but then there was utter defeat and Nuremberg…(please do not construe the above as a call to violence in any fashion! I mean it!)

  • april

    I agree with a couple of you.. How you gonna try to fight the United States in the United States Supreme Court? This case must be heard in the international courts.

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