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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Hawaiians in the Civil War

Advertiser has an interesting article on Hawaiians who participated in the Civil War on one side or the other. The Hawaiian Kingdom itself was neutral.

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  • Kaʻehunuiokaihe

    Just an aside I misunderstood the title of the article as i thought it was about a civil war in the Hawaiian Kingdom and not the American Civil War. Nonetheless, it is an interesting article that brings up a few questions, and probably more later after more research. Were these Hawaiian nationals that volunteered or were conscripted to fight? What does that mean for the Kingdom of Hawai’i’s subjects in general? Anything at all? What about Hawaiians, whether Kanaka oiwi, maoli, or naturalized, in other parts of the world, like England? What was their status? Seems a lot more fluid as to international participation…mercinaries? Mahalo for the article.

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