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Guardian: Hawaii politician stops voting, claiming islands are ‘occupied sovereign country’

The Guardian has an article on Jen Ruggles:

A Hawaii politician has refused to attend months of meetings because she believes Hawaii may not actually be a part of the US.

Jennifer Ruggles has served two years as the Hawaii county councilwoman for the district of Puna – the same part of the Big Island that was devastated by the eruption of the Kilauea volcano earlier this year. In August, Ruggles caused a stir at a routine committee meeting when she announced she was concerned that Hawaii was not a part of the US, but instead an occupied foreign country.

“What I’m asking challenges the foundation of everything that we believe to be true in Hawaii,” Ruggles told the Guardian.

1 comment to Guardian: Hawaii politician stops voting, claiming islands are ‘occupied sovereign country’

  • Kamuela Jacobs

    Go, Jen!!! Though this is an “ancient concept” (125-years), it is so very, very true! If you want to abide by international law, then it is so true. Hawaii Nation/Kingdom lives on though under “illegal occupation” by those that do not believe in the law, the USA!!! Jen Ruggles is following here conscience and academic knowledge; a true patriot of the Hawaiian Kingdom! The shame of those who decide to remain silent when they know this injustice of “illegal occupation” has gone on for too long. It’s time has come; wake up Hawaii! Start by resurrecting Kamehameha III’s Great Mahele and make it Pono. Give Hawaiian’s what is rightfully theirs and take the land out of the hands of thieves. Genocide still prevails in Hawaii disquised as the “USA culture” daily eradicating the “Hawaiian Culture”. It’s time to break-the-bond of the “USA termites” that continue to digest and devour the Hawaiian culture and way of life. Stop participating in the USA culture, NOW! Free at last; free at last; Thank Keakua, we are almost free at last! . . . Go Jen!

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