This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Sovereignty Conversations Part 15 – Nation of Hawai’i

Recap of the 42nd anniversary of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) Conference and what’s next for the Nation of Hawaii including the upcoming citizen drive for the Nation of Hawaii, implementing Aloha Coin with our people, and applying for “PERMANENT OBSERVER STATUS” at the UN, with the full support of the IITC, the first indigenous NGO with General Consultative Status.


3 comments to Sovereignty Conversations Part 15 – Nation of Hawai’i

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Indian Treaty Council with the Kingdom of Hawai’i? Or is this another camouflaged US, or their affiliates, attempt to undermine the EXISTING Hawaiian Kingdom Sovereign Independent Nation State that is under US continued occupation? That there is no bloody Treaty of Annexation; doesn’t it mean anything anymore? This reminds me of the other day when I went to Onipa’a at the Palace for the Queen and, wouldn’t you know it, there parked in the middle of the festivities was a booth with two women, with whom I spoke, attempting to get people to register to vote! Now, I knew very well who they were representing for it didn’t take much to guess. They explained they were there for registration for the election of the President. I said, “Do you mean the American President?” They stated that it was. I said to them in effect what an insult to the festivities for the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and what the Queen stood for. I could have gone on…but suffice it to say butter wouldn’t have melted in their mouths! Are they bereft of knowing the history? Have they no moral compass? Like spiders (love ’em really the eight-legged kind)nestled in the Na Kaulana Pua gathered there on the Palace grounds to suck the life blood out of the unaware, ignorant, or wilfully ignorant. Aue no ho’i e!

  • Christopher, IITC is a very old and respected international organization for indigenous rights, that has long supported the independence of Hawaii. Bumpy has been a board member of IITC for many years. I appreciate your concern given your lack of familiarity with the organization, but believe me this is no under cover attempt to promote federal recognition.

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Aloha Scott, My apologies if I have acted and “written” out of hand. Mahalo for being understanding, and again, I do apologize for my rash remarks. That being said, I will be more careful in the future but no less passionate regarding our country under the yoke of the USA, and any smoke screens that my ensue.

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