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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Hawaii County Council recognizes Hawaiian Independence Day

From Hawaii Tribune-Herald:

The Hawaiian Kingdom’s most important national holiday — La Kuokoa, or Independence Day — officially was recognized Wednesday by the Hawaii County Council in a nonbinding resolution asking the state Legislature to add Nov. 28 to its list of state holidays.

Nov. 28, 1843, was the date Great Britain and France formally recognized the Hawaiian Islands as an independent state. La Kuokoa was celebrated openly by the Hawaiian Kingdom until 1895, two years after the 1893 overthrow, said Kale Gumapac, a Hawaiian rights activist.

The council approved Resolution 285 by an 8-0 vote, with Puna Councilman Dan Paleka absent. Three members of the nine-member council, including Paleka, have Native Hawaiian ancestry.

“This is the beginning of the reawakening of our history,” Gumapac said. “We need to restore what was erased from Hawaii schoolbooks. Worse, it was erased from kanaka memory.”

2 comments to Hawaii County Council recognizes Hawaiian Independence Day

  • Christopher Sorrell

    There we go again with this “Native” Hawaiian appellation that was invented by the US. Many nationalities made up the Hawaiian Kingdom; and those who are not aboriginal Hawaiians can also rejoice in each step of the way of the awakening of the Kingdom of Hawai’i after Her forced slumber.

  • I agree. As a descendent of a Portuguese-German grandmother who was born in Honolulu in 1880, I am proud and respectful of my heritage as a Hawaiian and behind the scene do what I can to bring back the Hawaiian Kingdom to its full stature as a country.

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