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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Statehood Day: Campaign for independence grows

From International Business Times via Yahoo News:

Debate surrounds the public holiday which commemorates the day Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States. Controversy circles the 56th anniversary of Hawaii becoming the newest state of the USA on 21 August and there are calls for it to be removed as culturally insensitive to Native Hawaiians.

Independent activists are using the public holiday to gather support for Hawaiian sovereignty.

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2 comments to Statehood Day: Campaign for independence grows

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Another example of the bad and incorrect use of “N”ative Hawaiians. Again, again, and again. Is anyone going to get it??? The Kanaka Maoli are the aboriginal people of Hawai’i. This Native Hawaiian appellation is a USA construct so they do not have to apologize to the Kingdom of Hawai’i subjects: of whatever nationality they might have come from, who swore allegiance to the Monarch and the Kingdom. WTF can’t anyone stand up this continuous lie?? Even the bloody Christians apologized to the Native Hawaiians for the overthrow of the HK Government. And you know you can just trust those Desert Religions to do the right thing. Aue! Aue!

  • Leimomi

    I was wondering the same thing Christopher. We are Kanaka Maoli NOT “native Hawaiian” as dubbed by the usa.

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