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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Bumpy Kanahele message to Gov. Ige

Back in ’94 I think, I walked with a group of Ohana Council members down Waikiki Beach and handed out copies of the Apology along with a flyer urging tourists not to come to Hawaii due to the ongoing suppression of Hawaiian Kingdom rights. A couple dozen of us for an hour or two were enough to send the state’s tourism industry into a near panic and result in a meeting with the governor and members of his cabinet soon thereafter.

Now, Bumpy is ready to do it again.

“I will tell the tourists not to come to Hawaii until you guys sit down with us.”

Also, note towards the end his reflections on the role of Japanese in Hawaii of in a sense usurping the benefits and programs that were intended for Hawaiians. This is a sensitive subject but it is very real and important to understand, and something Bumpy feels strongly about.


2 comments to Bumpy Kanahele message to Gov. Ige

  • The Japanese in Japan do not like other people settling in Japan. Yet the see nothing wrong with Japanese settling in other peoples land. And when they do they knowingly, willfully and maliciously discriminate against others especially with respect to hiring. In Hawaii, the Japanese hire Japanese first, last and always. For that reason we Hawaiians need to talk to the Japanese females about the conduct of their people. After all, if the Hawaiians are not good enough for the Japanese then get the hell off of our islands and go back to Japan.

  • Hey Brudda…not to be slanderest in any way but you are looking at the situation with the narrow veiw of the Japanese eye! Only in a democratic form of government is equality, equal rights, and non-bias prejudice preached! But, all non-indigenous people that come and enter such a society for that very purpose to gain such benefit but those very same people do NOT practice this!!! Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, etc., that come to Hawaii or to the Mainland all hire their own nationality first and prefer their own intentionally and, yes, they bring their prejudice and unjust ways with them from the country of their birth!!! We are brain-washed to be PC (politically correct) while these foreign entities are un-PC!!! We preach diversity as a good thing when in actuality it is a form of “divide and conquer”! Each group is proud to be “segregated” under the theme of “diversity” while these “smaller groups” feel strong in familiarity but too weak to make a difference overall, and therefore, the “government” controls all these small groups individually by giving each group the cultural nurturing of their own groups while maintaining overall control of all the groups!!! No one “smaller group” has the ability to influence all the groups! Diabolitical, yes, but this is what we all have succumbed to today! Proud to be Hawaiian; proud to be Japanese: Proud to be Vietnamese; Proud to be whatever, separately but there is no pride in being all of ONE!!!! This is the diabolical scheme to weaken us all…we should all be Proud to be Human together! And, if we all want to be in Hawaii…then we should all be Proud to be Hawaiian (Kanaka Maouli) and all should strive to be such or think seriously about why you are in Hawaii? If you cannot be proud to be Hawaiian then surely, serious consideration should be given to packing up and leaving because this is not the place for you!

    This place called Hawaii is a sovereign state/nation on the international level; a country/nation unto itself. It is NOT a suburb of other countries or the country from whence you came…it is a country!!! You are either born of it or naturalized by consent; it is your decision.

    True most people are more “comfortable” with those of similar appearances but be it known there is good, bad, and ugly with every nationality…and if you look at others as “human” only then will we all appear to be familiar and similar to one another! Accept one another and determine which ones are good and which ones are not so good! Only then will we be in harmony to live as one group.

    Aloha…a hui hou…

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