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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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American Flags Taken Down By Hawaiian Kingdom Advocates at UH-Hilo

5 comments to American Flags Taken Down By Hawaiian Kingdom Advocates at UH-Hilo

  • I especially like the courteous way Gene Tamashiro and his friend folded up the American flag according to protocol. It shows that Hawaiian patriots are educated and sensitive human beings. We can protest in ways that law and human relationships are paramount.

  • riki Torres-Pestana

    Welcome to the ALOHA REVOLUTION
    we don’t carry guns
    we don’t make bombs
    we don’t have weapons of mass destruction

    Our weapons of choice , Computers and massive amounts of Aloha & Creation

    Welcome to the ALOHA REVOLUTION
    Long Live the King of the Hawaiian Islands

  • 4myohana

    All american flags should be taken down
    Start teaching all the kids the right history
    Hawaii is a sovereign independent neutral nation since 1843
    US invasion 1893
    US take cver 1898
    Stop living the fraud
    No treaty no way

  • caide

    Only one US flag at US embassy!

  • riki Torres-Pestana

    Da only way I will put one up is after I remove a star .

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