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Ke Aupuni Update from Leon Siu

From: Leon Siu <>
Subject: Ke Aupuni Update 12-21-12
Date: December 20, 2012 11:47:43 PM HST

Ke Aupuni Update
December 21, 2012

Keeping in touch and updated on activities regarding the restoration of Ke Aupuni o Hawaii, the Hawaiian Kingdom. Ua mau ke ea o ka aina I ka pono.

The Hawaiian Kingdom and the International Criminal Court
On December 10, H.E. David Keanu Sai, Ph.D., acting as the Ambassador-at-large and Agent for the acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom, filed with the United Nations Secretary General in New York an instrument of accession acceding to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

The ICC is a permanent and independent tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, that prosecutes individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The ICC only prosecutes individuals and not States. The instrument of accession is a crucial step enabling the Hawaiian Kingdom to prosecute cases in the ICC against individuals who committed such crimes against the Hawaiian people.

This action, along with the Protest and Demand filed in August with the President of the UN General Assembly, sends a clear message to the U.S. that the Kingdom is preparing to utilize international mechanisms to stop U.S. abuses against the Hawaiian Kingdom and its people. It is also putting the international community on notice that their continued inaction makes them accomplices to the crimes being committed in Hawaii by the U.S.  The recent international action recognizing the opposition (rebel forces) coalition as the legitimate government of Syria, reveals utter hypocrisy by the international community with regard to the Hawaii situation.

La Ku’oko’a at UH 
Over 200 people showed up at the University of Hawaii-Manoa on November 28 to celebrate the day in 1843 that France and Great Britain formally recognized the Hawaiian Kingdom as a sovereign, independent nation. La Ku’oko’a (Hawaiian Independence Day) was celebrated as an official Hawaiian Kingdom national holiday for decades, until 1894 when the holiday was shanghaied by the usurpers and changed to July 4, the day they proclaimed their fake Republic of Hawaii.

Mahalo nui to the student organization Makawalu for doing a fine job in taking the lead for this year’s La Ku’oko’a celebration reminding us that the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom are still here and still celebrate our independence! It was a very festive occasion and the participation of the younger generations (from college age down to keiki) was not only very encouraging and uplifting it gave us assurances for the future of our nation. Eo!

Kawaiaha’o Ruling 
On December 14 the State of Hawaii’s Intermediate Court of Appeals court ruled that Kawaiaha’o Church acted prematurely when they moved forward on their construction project for a new multi-purpose building. The ruling could mean that more than 600 disinterred burials (iwi kupuna) at historic church may have to be re-interred.

In a blow to the church and the State of Hawaii, the court said that the state violated its own rules in allowing construction of the new $117 million project to move forward without requiring the church to do an archaeological inventory survey first. The court called it a “critical” error and sent the case back to the First Circuit Court to retry.

Congratulations and mahalo to Dana Naone Hall, who brought the lawsuit, the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation and counsel Isaac Hall. The court based it’s ruling on the case this past August (brought by Kaanohi Kaleikini) that stopped construction of Honolulu City’s rail in its tracks.

These two important rulings by the State of Hawaii’s own higher courts, signify that kanaka maoli are gaining enough clout to at least slow down the state government’s and developers’ nasty habit of bulldozing right through sacred Hawaiian sites and ignoring legal processes for the sake of money and land. These rulings may help tremendously in the upcoming fight to stop the governor’s Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) and other outrageous abuses in Hawaii.

Governance Summit 
The Office of Hawaiian Affairs recently hosted something called Kamau a Ea, a two-day “summit on governance” at the Ko’olau Ballrooms in windward O’ahu. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of contradictory elements to it that smacked of a hidden agenda. First of all, it was an unadvertised, by-invitation-only (but “the public is welcome”), rush-job event.

Secondly, the purpose was vague. Purportedly it was to start a truly open dialog on “governance” including a serious consideration of independence. But the format of the “summit” compartmentalized everyone resulting in choirs (as in ‘preaching to the choir’) of familiar players. So the state/roll commission/federal Akaka tribe people were huddled together and the independence people were in a separate huddle. It was awkward and unproductive. Absent were the OHA trustees and other key players who might have benefitted from an “open dialog.” As far as I could see, there was no meaningful engagement or discussion with anyone but those within our assigned choirs.

Thus, it seemed as if the whole exercise was for something other than “open dialog.”

So what was OHA’s real purpose for the “governance summit”? I say, it was to give the impression that the millions of dollars it intends to expend on “Kana’iolowalu” (the Native Hawaiian Roll) will not end up as another Kau Inoa-type fiasco. That this time, OHA is making a sincere effort to be open to other models of future “governance.”

Because we’ve been around the block a few times with OHA, several of us made sure that our presence at the Kamau a Ea event would not be portrayed as endorsement of OHA’s concept of “governance” or of Kana’iolowalu, or that we were in any kind of ‘consultation’ with OHA. Even though some individuals in OHA may have truly noble and purely altruistic motives, the institution OHA has time and again shown its colors as a rubber-stamp agency of the “State of Hawaii,” in lock-step to serve the interests of the “State of Hawaii.” It is not about to change, nor can it.

The Roll and the Akaka Tribe
So, was it just a coincidence that a few days after the Kamau a Ea “summit” the Akaka Tribe cheerleading squad met to roll out the new, improved Native Hawaiian Roll Commission road show? Fortunately, through a leaked memo, we were able to ‘connect the dots’ and sound the alarm of this ‘backdoor’-Akaka-Tribe-federal recognition-by-executive-order-scheme.

This triggered a howl of protests from Hawaiians all over. That weekend, the Roll Commission took a pounding at their road show in Kamuela and Kona. Mahalo to Mikahala Roy for leading the charge. Indications are that the flack they got on the road has caused a serious rift between some commission members.

Once we knew what to look for and where, the Akaka Tribe trail of bread-crumbs illuminated, leading to the Department of the Interior (in charge of Indian affairs); the White House (use of executive orders); Hawaii’s congressional delegation; the Governor, SCHAA; CNHA, AHCC, OHA, et al, revealing the depth and desperation of their plot. Yes, there really is a nasty conspiracy to subjugate Native Hawaiians into an Indian tribe of the United States. But it won’t happen as long as we maka’ala, KU’E and refuse to get sucked into their game.

The fact that the U.S., the State of Hawaii and their operatives are expending so much energy and resources to bring Native Hawaiians into submission, reveals a major flaw in their strategy. Blinded by sheer arrogance, they think that rounding up and capturing all the “Native Hawaiians” will stop the independent nation from re-emerging. That gives us Hawaiian Nationals the advantage. Since they refuse “see” us, they don’t know how to fight us. By the time they finally catch on, it will be too late for them.

Malama pono,


5 comments to Ke Aupuni Update from Leon Siu

  • Win808

    Mahalo Leon for the update and mana’o.

    Shame on Daniel Akaka and all who support the genocide of our people,
    no disrespect to the native american indians, but na Kanaka are not indians!

    Check out what Salazar had to say about Inouye and what the DOI plans to do
    in Alaska. One has to wonder if this is in the best interest of the native Alaskans
    or Native Alaskans, the later being very similar to the “Akaka Indian Tribe.”

    Today, american technology can most often determine a criminal with only a minute
    amount of trace evidence, yet they attempt to obscure the HEWA they created in the
    Hawaiian Islands back in 1893 and 1898; NO CAN!

    I think a list should be created and their names entered on it for the crime of genocide against Hawaiian nationals, irrespective of race, and submitted to the ICC.
    Ignorance of international law is not an excuse for committing a war crime.

    With regard to Syria, recently, news correspondent Richard Engle and his crew were detained by Syrian forces (hearsay) and freed by rebel forces (hearsay). The question
    here is whether he had proper authority to be in that country or did he sneak in like he
    did in the past with other countries? If america doesn’t like uninvited guest in its
    country than why does it condone its reporters to have free reign into another’s country?
    Mr. Engle and his crew are regarded as heroes and high praise to the rebels that helped them enter into Turkey. This sets up popular “justification” for recognition of the rebel party as being the good guys for helping the “americans” much like the twisted fate the Hawaiians were put in when the Provisional Government “so called, good guys” saved everyone from the evil Hawaiian Queen. (Bunch of BS)
    There is a big difference in that the Syrian people are displeased with their government and its leader as opposed to the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom who respected their government and who loved their Queen then and still do until this very day!

    Sad to say, but there was money to be made with Kau Inoa and it looks like another round of money making opportunity for the Akaka Indian Tribe organization, all to
    benefit a few while na Kanaka continues to maintain with very little resources and no immediate relief in site!

    One thing we have as Hawaiian nationals that money cannot match is ALOHA! We can make the best out of the worst situation; heck if the ancient ones could cross the oceans
    and make a life for themselves wherever they set foot you know we can adjust as needed!

    Best wishes, a hui hou!

  • kekoa

    Aloha Win808, may I suggest everyone familiarize themselves with the Geneva and Hague conventions, the laws of war and occupation, Human rights and war crimes. The statutes require certain elements to be present in order to successfully prosecute individuals for war crimes. As stated above, Acting HK Ambassador Dr. Sai has made the ICC’s jurisdiction available to us for reporting such war crimes for investigation and prosecution. The individuals that comprise the SCHAA, CNHA, AHCC, OHA, and State of Hawaii government officials need to be formally noticed of the war crimes they are conspiring to commit. They are attempting to de-nationalize the nationals of an occupied territory.

    Article 47 Geneva Convention IV (GC IV) speaks to the Legal Status of the Population of the occupied territory. The legal status of the population shall not be infringed by any agreement concluded between the authorities of the occupied territory and the occupying power, nor by any annexation by latter of the whole or part of the occupied territory.

    Protected persons cannot abrogate their rights under Article 8 Fourth Geneva Convention (GC IV). This principle applies to the entirety of international humanitarian law. In all circumstances it is prohibited for the inhabitants of an occupied territory to renounce their rights under GC IV. Whether on their own initiative or as a result of coercion, such a renunciation in null and void.

    War crime complaints need to be reported to the HQ USPACOM for documentation, UN Commission for Human Rights for investigation of the violating state and ICC for investigation/prosecution of individuals. Before taking on such a task I would suggest consulting with an attorney. So far from all the war crime complaints I’ve read filed from Hawaii there is only one attorney that has started this process.

  • Win808

    Mahalo Kekoa,

    It seems as though we have lots of rights, but the power still belongs to the occupying power. For the State of Hawaii its business as usual!
    It would be nice to have the table turned in our favor some time!
    No matter how long it takes, even if we have to do it against one individual at a time over the next one hundred years then we take a step at a time.
    Perhaps Akaka’s intent of gathering funds for na Kanaka as indians is the only means to
    get immediate financial help for our people, but for me I will die a Kanaka nowhere near being a native american indian! I refuse the bowl of stew for my birth right!

    Mele Kalikimaka

  • Kolina

    I am born and raised in this HAWAIIAN KINGDOM however about 1 year ago have my eyes been open to the DECEPTION that has been placed upon us as Hawaiians. I PRAY that ALMIGHTY GOD in HIS sovereign MERCY and GRACE will continue to empower those who are leading this victorious journey. May HE equip them with divine insight and favor among leaders from U.N. to bring HONOR back to this NATION of HAWAII.
    THANK YOU EVERYONE involved who have played vital roles in bringing this INFORMATION out. I have now chosen to past it on to my children and grandchildren to the TRUTH of what has really happen and NOT what I was raised to THINK happen..
    Aloha Ke’Akua

  • Until the last Aloha Aina, the Nation: The Kingdom of Hawaii exist. The United States of American which is the same Provisional Government that illegally occupies our Kingdom is running out of execuses. The Bill Clinton apology bill is an act and testimony of ‘admitting to the illegal occupation’. So they submit these platforms that look promising with ‘money’ attached to it but first failed with their puppet OHA and the first Kau Inoa registry, then the failed Kanioowalu Roll that listed proxies and the diceased and now there last call: Na’i Aupuni with a little bit registrants of 90,000 or so. Not sure on how valid are the signatures but with 90,000 out of 557,077 Kanaka Maoli reported by the 2010 Census Bureau there is a significant difference of 467,077 not registered and perhaps do not agree with this bogus setup….A’ole Na’i Aupuni. We are not Indians. We are not a government. We are a Nation called the Kingdom of Hawaii bound by the signatures of our ancestors of 1897 KU’E Petitions. Until the last Aloha Aina, Donald Kauli’a, Ohana James Keauiluna Kauli’a.

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