This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Naʻi Aupuni Extends Voting Deadline 3 Weeks

Press Release from Na’i Aupuni (PDF)

Na‘i Aupuni, the Native Hawaiian organization with a mission to establish a path to Native Hawaiian self-determination, announced today it is extending the deadline to vote to December 21.

“Because voters may not have cast their ballots over concerns and questions on the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) decision […]

Supreme Court justice blocks vote count in Native Hawaiian election

From Associated Press

A U.S. Supreme Court justice on Friday issued a temporary stay blocking the counting of votes in an election that would be a significant step toward Native Hawaiian self-governance.

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s order also stops the certification of any winners pending further direction from him or the entire court.

Native Hawaiians are […]

Na`i Aupuni? What Kind of Hawaiian Nation?

Federal judge does not block Native Hawaiian election

From the Star-Advertiser

An election of Native Hawaiian delegates to a constitutional convention can go forward next month as planned, a federal judge ruled today.

U.S. District Court Judge J. Michael Seabright said he would not block the Na‘i Aupuni election, saying it was a private election not subject […]

Protest Na‘i Aupuni community meeting

Hawaiian Election hearing report

Ian Lind in Civil Beat runs down the arguments on both sides in the federal court hearing today on the legality of the Na‘i Aupuni election process, and motion of preliminary injunction seeking to put the election on hold.

After four hours of legal arguments on Tuesday by supporters and opponents of the current […]

“Darkness Over Hawaii” paper by Williamson Chang

Darkness over Hawaii: The Annexation Myth Is the Greatest Obstacle to Progress

by Williamson Chang

Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal, Vol. 16.2, 2015

Abstract: To Delegates to the Hawaiian Convention to Establish a Governing Entity

Before moving ahead, Native Hawaiians must study and learn about the various forms of government throughout the world. Others around […]

Interviews with Sai/Gonschor, Schweizer/Gonschor and Sai

The Hawaiian Kingdom as a Non-European Power

An interview of Dr. Keanu Sai and Ph.D. candidate Lorenz Gonschor by Dr. Lynette Cruz on Issues that Matter. The subject of the interview focused on the Hawaiian Kingdom as a non-European Power in the nineteenth century and its relationship with Japan.

Academics Dispelling the Myths of […]

Na’i Aupuni Community Presentations – Wai’anae

209 delegate candidates for constitutional convention

From the Star-Advertiser

Some 209 candidates will vie for 40 delegate positions across the islands for the Native Hawaiian ‘aha constitutional convention that will work to form a Native Hawaiian government.

Kuhio Asam, president of Na‘i Aupuni, which is in charge of running the November election and subsequent Native […]