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Dalai Lama visits ‘Iolani Palace

Honolulu Civil Beat reports on the visit:

The queen’s message of peace was expected to be the focal point of a planned palace visit by the Dalai Lama Saturday — his first-ever visit to the grounds.

“We felt it was important for the Dalai Lama to come to the site to better understand our history — especially that of Queen Liliuokalani, when she was overthrown, her message of peace and how she wanted no bloodshed,” Iolani Palace Executive Director Kippen de Alba Chu told Civil Beat. “We thought these messages would resonate with him.”


Beyond those historical events, de Alba Chu said he wanted to share with the Dalai Lama the significance of Iolani Palace itself, which was completed in 1882 under King David Kalakaua, Liliuokalani’s brother.

“One thing I would like to impress upon him is the reason why the palace exists, what the monarchy was trying to do with the palace, and how Hawaii was trying to be international to protect its sovereignty,” de Alba Chu said. “You build palaces not just for your people, but for foreigners; you’re making a statement to foreigners that you should be treated equal.”

1 comment to Dalai Lama visits ‘Iolani Palace

  • kealii8

    Mr alba chu remarks that the monarchy was trying to be international? Hawaii was an international Nation State! The palace was the seat of government for the head of state “king/queen” just like the white house is for the president of the U.S. I still cant believe that these people entrusted with the safe keeping of iolani palace who by there own actions prevent the Hawaiian people from even gathering on site dont even have the first hand knowledge as to its functions and significance . On a special note this is the dalai lamas third visit to Hawaii on his first visit he did visit the iolani palace grounds. Kumu john lake presided over ceremonies honoring the queen and other kupuna at the aha there oddly enough the friends of iolani palace were not there but now given all political press about Hawaii and tibet we have the friends and the state playing ball doing there silent vigil type tour as if to show that history is being preserved and that all is well. To bad in this visit of peace and aloha we still today have to put on a front and edit ourselves although the dirty laundry is out there for everyone to see

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