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Lost Kingdom review

New York Times has a review of Julia Flynn Siler’s new book, “Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America’s First Imperial Adventure,” which recounts the tale of Hawaii “using more than 275 sources, including contemporaneous Hawaiian newspapers and the letters and diaries of Lili’uokalani.”

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  • Ke'ehu

    Aloha kakou,
    I am in the process of reading the “Lost” Kingdom. More like the Stolen or Taken Kingdom (or Kingdom Interrupted)…what is lost is the genius of the Hawaiians to catapult the Kingdom of Hawai’i into the modern age only to have ALL its subjects, Hawaiian and Naturalized, disenfranchised continually by the US Military and Big Business…some descendents of missionaries ,oh, and not to forget the FAKE STATE of Hawai’i. So, King Kalakaua did this or that or spent this or that…OMG!…he travelled internationally and brought the Kingdom into international attention and respect. How wonderful is that!! What I’m going to look for in the book is some acknowledgement of all the Subjects of Hawai’i NOT this American sham of only addressing the “indigeneous” people. Too, and NO Indianization of the Hawaiians or a disregard for the SUBJECTS of the Kingdom again. I for one, am waiting to pledge my allegiance and pay my $5!! Imua ka aupuni o Hawai’i!

  • Ken Ng

    Will Obama be the president who finally honors the executive agreement made between sovereigns in 1893? Where does the “buck” stop? I know where my allegiance lies: now let me live it.

  • Natalia Huerta

    There was a lot that was taken by the Native Hawaiians, and when they try to go against any government or any higher authority they are knocked down. None of this is fair for anyone,including these Native people. When will the government or higher authority stop taking from these people, who have the right to their land(s)? There is a video that shows the unfairness that Native Hawaiians are treated. Though it is an old video, it provides a lot of background information about the Natives and the people who are trying to take their land for their own benefit. The video is called Troubled Paradise.

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