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Overthrow commemoration events coverage

Thanks to Leon Siu, here are links to clips that ran on KITV and KHON TV news regarding last week’s overthrow commemoration events.

For other clips go to

2 comments to Overthrow commemoration events coverage

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Well to put it plainly, I was very glad the coverage happened, and that our great friend LS got to be interviewed. Too, friends were shown showing their respect, love, and honour for the Monarch. However, I lament the ignorance of the News media, whether willful or not, for muddying the waters with the US sponsored DOI meetings. The fact of the meetings and their US purpose has nothing, a’ohe, nada, niet, lo, rien, to do with the commemoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s Executive i.e. the Queen’s government’s overthrow by the US backed insurgents, and Her Subjects acts of commemoration. As I’ve written many times, I’m a Hawaiian of British descent and I have little tolerance for fools that either by laziness or willfulness do not progress on educating themselves on the history of our great country. Why do I say GREAT? Well one example, with all the US hand-wringing over Dr. Martin Luther King Day and the state of racism in the US, the Kingdom of Hawai’i was, and is, very mixed with Kanaka Maoli, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Greeks, English, American, and whomever is a subject nationalities all living and voting together then (and now if we could). Makes the Committee of Safety gnash their teeth as they dwell in outer darkness to know it. Lastly, there were some pretty nasty comments on the News websites, and I did not flinch from trying to “put to silence the ignorance of foolish men”…mind you with Aloha.

  • i discovered this time that we should be commemorating not the anniversary of the overthrow but the courageous stance of Liluokalani who in spite of the confusion of the situation stood firm as Head of State and acted accordingly. Onipaa!

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