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Russia signs treaty of annexation with Crimea

Lots of sources for this, but here’s one:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, defying Ukrainian protests and Western sanctions, signed a treaty on Tuesday making Crimea part of Russia…

The referendum leading up to it may have been a sham, like the one here in 1959. But Russia knows it still must ratify an actual treaty to give any pretense of legality to the annexation. Notice they didn’t just pass a internal resolution and pretend that annexation can be done unilaterally without even faux consent of the annexed territory using a bilateral instrument. Unlike the U.S. in Hawai’i…

3 comments to Russia signs treaty of annexation with Crimea

  • Lima 'Ula.

    Aloha kakou.
    Newly annexed residents of Feodosiya, Crimea enquire where is the *ratified* Treaty of Annexation between the U.S. and Hawai’i? 🙂

  • Lima 'Ula.

    Aloha kakou.
    Now that the Act of Accession of the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation has been ratified it may be an opportune time for reflection.

    From the outset of the Crimean crisis, or rather Ukrainian crisis, arguably it was important to determine what if any, role the U.S. CIA played in the destabilisation in Ukraine. The advantages were clear, Ukraine joining the EU and eventually joining NATO. This would comply with the traditional U.S. doctrine of containing the Russian Federation. Even today it is a little to difficult to ascertain their (CIA) role but you can be assured it was present.

    Outside of Hawai’i the international media drew numerous comparisons with Kosovo, Croatia/Slovenia and Yugoslavia, North Cyprus, South Sudan, Bosnia, the forthcoming Scottish Independence referendum, etc. Not many realised Hawai’i did and still does find itself striving for Independence. Their may be some additional lessons to be drawn here.

    As an opinion one feature the entire affair can teach us is not to fully trust the presented local media. On the Crimean situation the relevant International Law blogs and journals provided sterling coverage. The blog of the European Journal of International Law provided in-debt analysis on how modern UN laws differ from the older Family and League of Nations:

    The English version of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation was a good source for translating President Putin’s speeches which the Western media only gave glimpses of:

    Also, the website Russia in Global Affairs provided the flip side of the more familiar U.S. publication Foreign Affairs:

  • Lima 'Ula.

    Just came across this compelling article which was published a fortnight ago in which Obama gets lambasted:

    When finished reading the article, if you click on “home” the front page of “Voice of Russia” has an interview (at this time) with Mohawk Elder Tekarontake titled: “Why we will never get justice from U.S. Courts.”


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