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“Native Hawaiian Sovereignty” Roll Commission on “Insights” PBS Hawaii

The Public Broadcasting System will broadcast a live program on the Roll Commission at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 18.

Native Hawaiian Sovereignty
Thursday, July 18 at 8:00 pm

On the next “Insights,” we ask, “Is an independent Native Hawaiian government within reach?” To date, no sovereignty effort has managed to truly galvanize the Native Hawaiian population. Now armed with the state’s approval, the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission has high hopes that will change. However, the commission is falling far short of its yearlong goal of signing up 200,000 eligible Hawaiians to help establish an independent government. Will a six-month extension change the tide and bring Native Hawaiians closer to self-governance?

The host will be Dan Boylan. Panel members will be:

A representative of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission
Dexter Kaiama
Esther Kiaaina
Senator Clayton Hee

As the Roll Commission, Esther Kiaaina, and Senator Clayton Hee are all supporters of the Akaka Bill approach to extinguishing the Kingdom, Dexter Kiaaina, who supports restoration of the Kingdom, will be in a three on one situation, which he is well equipped to handle.

To join the discussion, you can email your questions during the show or ahead of time toinsights@pbshawaii.org or call 973-1000 from Oahu or 800-283-4847 from the Neighbor Islands.

For further information:


Here’s Leon Siu’s facebook commentary on the program

Update: Here’s the video of the program.

2 comments to “Native Hawaiian Sovereignty” Roll Commission on “Insights” PBS Hawaii

  • ken ng

    Wrong question. Will hawaiian citizens form their own government after the US de-occupies our islands? Anything else is a sham.

  • Noa Napoleon

    Political solutions to the overthrow such as Annexation, DHHL, OHA, and State of Hawaii, have a long well documented history of failure!!
    Do we wanna fail????? Stupid Hawaiians!

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