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Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, things are fine, I’ve just been very busy and haven’t had too much come my way to post, so I’ve kind of neglected things here, but I’m still here, and if anyone does have any on-top events or notices to share, please be sure to send them my way.

Also make sure to check out Keanu’s Hawaiian Kingdom Blog for updates on his activities and research.

4 comments to Quiet

  • Lima 'Ula.

    Aloha kakou.
    The server hosting Maoliworld appears to have gone quiet the last couple of days is anybody else encountering difficulty accessing the Maoliworld website at this time?

  • 4myohana

    aloha scott… glad to hear from maui no ka oi… there’s a new moon… great for starting thing’s… scott… whats up with maoliworld?… thought it was only me

  • Aloha Scott, glad youʻre back online. Like you, weʻre here for the long term.
    E ho‘i i ka nani. . . Let the glory of the Hawaiian Kingdom return.

  • Win808

    Aloha Scott,

    Love this site, feels like home here! (comfortable)

    I feel that sites like yours will be the key to bringing
    our nation back together. We all have busy lives but want
    to know more about our country and how will tomorrow look
    when we finally get the opportunity to interact with the
    global community!

    I heard it said once:
    “If you can conceive, and you believe, you will achieve.”
    “When preparedness meets opportunity you’ll have success.”

    Thanks to Dr. Sai, we can begin to dream, we don’t need to
    duplicate the U.S. we can have a pono country if we all agree
    on it!

    Mahalo Scott

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