This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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The Queen’s Jubilee for Truth, Love & Forgiveness in Hilo Jan 17

Public Notice

“Oh honest Americans”, and sovereign souls everywhere…

Free Hawaii Now!

The Queen’s Jubilee for Truth, Love & Forgiveness 

Thursday, January 17, 2013  3-8pm

Kamehameha Statue, Hilo

 Kalo and Coconut Planting / Music / Speakers / Vendors / Performing Arts

The Hawaiian Kingdom never ended…

One hundred twenty years ago, armed US Marines commit an act of war against the peaceful Hawaiian Kingdom, surround Iolani Palace, and arrest Queen Liliuokalani at gunpoint. This enables treasonous private businessmen to unlawfully start their own “government” called the Republic of Hawaii. A fraudulent “annexation” then becomes the illegal foundation of the so-called “State of Hawaii”, which is where we find ourselves today.

This January 17th 2013, we invite everyone to put aside their differences and come together to commemorate our Queen, who protested U.S. occupation till the day she died. Six generations have passed since Liliuokalani envisioned the full restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom. It is no accident that she used the words “Oh honest American.” She knew that one day American people with integrity and courage would stand up with their Hawaiian brothers and sisters to restore our Peaceful Hawaiian Nation. It was an act of war then, and still is an illegal occupation today.

Come out on the ala nui kahiko and get to know your neighbors as we commemorate our beloved Queen; for all that she did for us then, which also guides and inspires us today. Let’s work collaboratively as one People, to ho’o ponopono and make things right. Our ultimate goal is full political and economic independence for Hawaii. It is our right, our responsibility, and our destiny.

1. Pursue and speak the truth in the spirit of strength and aloha.

2. The facts of military occupation and unlawful US jurisdiction are undeniable.

3. A lawful treaty of annexation…DOES NOT EXIST.

(The above statements of fact are not meant to disrespect or harm anyone.)

120 years since the illegal overthrow have created many layers of false political, economic and legal entanglements. To some, this inconvenient truth is to be attacked and ridiculed, but the facts remain, and the truth stands on its own. How could any one of us expect a good future if we self censor ourselves today? We support any and all US government personnel (Federal, State, and County), who swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution to come forward with trust building honesty and integrity. If we are ever to fulfill the promise of Aloha, Hawaii’s true political status must be fearlessly proclaimed and re-established in the public mind.

 The truth is pono and it will indeed set us free.

 Both sides of the “two party Congress”, the executive, and judiciary branches are effectively owned and controlled by the international bankers and “elite families”. The Federal Reserve (never audited since founding in 1913) and The United States Inc. (Washington D.C. 1871) are actually for profit corporations. These unlawful institutions are not, in any meaningful way, representative of the People. America’s Constitutional Republic is under direct attack. The conspiracy to end America’s sovereignty and fold her into a fascist one world government is not a theory. It is a fact.

For more information:
Contact: David Schlesinger
PO Box 390742 Keauhou, Hawaii 96739
Phone: 808-345-1001


Our Hawaiian Nation never ended…

We are peaceful, well informed, sovereign individuals

of every race.  We are One People

with Aloha for all.



Illegal US Jurisdiction Exposed and Rightful Ownership Restored

The Heirs of Kamehameha III are alive and well!

Probate of Naukana(#463)

This amazing discovery resolves the issue of title to Hawaii’s Crown Lands (so-called Ceded Lands). Come learn about the “kauna of the sacred vine”, the heirs of Kauikeauoli, Kamehameha III.

Chief family spokesman Albert Haa Jr. says, “The Kanaka are all related, we have intermarried with every race, and we are as my tutu (Kauikeauoli) said, of One Blood.

Kanaka title is undeniable, and our interests are undivided.


“Sacred-Vine” Families of the High Priest

Stand up for your Inoa, within Probate #463


Hezekia (Hekekia)      Ho’olapa       Naukana       La’anui             Lilikalani (Kanakaole)

Kahana                       Huaka           Ka’apana      Kuamo’o           Lepoloa

Keawe                        Kahea           Kalaukoa       Nahakuelua     NaNa Ulu (genealogy)


   “God hath made of one blood all nations of men, to dwell on earth in unity 

              and blessedness.”  Kauikeauoli (Kamehameha III, Declaration of Rights 1839)



Unlawful US Occupation = More Lies and Oppression 

On October 25, 2012, Hawaii County police and other law enforcement agencies, once again, in blatant disregard of the legal / historical truth, began island wide raids including the eviction of Uncle Abel Simeona Lui at Kawa’a in Ka’u and kanaka maoli sovereign Uncle James Kalili of Kona.  The brute force tactics used against Our People, Hawaiian Culture and Religious Practices must come to an end.



A Free Hawaii means that we enjoy the benefits and 

share the responsibilities of lawful Home Rule.



No Federal Reserve (never audited private central bank)

No IRS (unconstitutional income tax corporation)

No Jones Act (end the shipping monopoly)



No NDAA, TSA and Patriot Act ( police state tyranny )

No Endless War on False Flag “Terror”

No War on Drugs

No More Media Monopolies (FCC/Corporate censorship)

True Energy Independence (Open Access to Suppressed Technology)



No PLDC Act 55 

No Monsanto/GMO!

US Military Held Accountable for Depleted Uranium


You are a Child of God/Akua/the Universe!

You have Inalienable Rights,

but You must Stand Up for those Rights

or They Will Be Taken Away.

Free Yourself Now!



3 comments to The Queen’s Jubilee for Truth, Love & Forgiveness in Hilo Jan 17

  • Item says “One hundred twenty years ago, armed US Marines commit an act of war against the peaceful Hawaiian Kingdom, surround Iolani Palace, and arrest Queen Liliuokalani at gunpoint.”

    1. U.S. Marines NEVER surrounded the Palace.

    2. U.S. Marines NEVER arrested the Queen.

  • You’re right, the Marines merely lined up across from the Palace to threaten it instead of literally surrounding it.

    And the conspirators arrested the Queen after the marines had put them in power, but the marines didn’t arrest her themselves.

  • kekoa

    U.S. President Cleveland’s investigation found U.S. Minister Stevens and the U.S. Military violated international Law. The Queen and President settled the illegal overthrow with a (Treaty) sole executive agreement of restoration. This is Estoppel to any claims other than the execution of that Treaty. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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