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Leaked SCHHA memo reveals plan for federal recognition

This is apparently an intercepted/leaked confidential memo sent out by the SCHHA to a select group of recipients which outlines their plan for continuing efforts at federal recognition through an executive order,  making SCHHA the recognized “nation” of Hawaiians, and getting DHHL lands and OHA funds.

I can’t verify its authenticity or source of origin myself, but I did double check with the source I received it from who vouched for its veracity. Figure this is information Hawaiians should be aware of…

Update on SCHHA & Roll Commission Strategy for Hawaiian Nation – For Your Eyes Only

Aloha SCHHA Homesteaders,

This is a short update on our strategy for federal recognition of the SCHHA and the recent meetings the Roll Commissioners have held with OHA Trustees and the Hawaiian Civic Clubs.

Years ago, with Robin & CNHA’s help we created a plan for federal recognition under the US Interior process. At that time we changed our name from the Statewide Council of Hawaiian Homes Association to the Sovereign Council of Hawaiian Homelands Assembly. Following this name change, Robin submitted to the US Department of Interior an application for Federal Recognition as an Indian Nation. Interior could not process our application because Hawaiians were not Indians.

Now that the Akaka Bill has been amended to say that Hawaiians are Indians, we can take the next step, getting Interior to move on our application. Although the Akaka Bill cannot move in Congress because the House is controlled by Republicans, we can go to Obama to have him issue an Executive ORDER to Interior directing them to move our application. According to Jade, the White House Indian staffers, including Kimberly Teehee have been supportive ever since Obama took office.

The Hawaiian Civic Clubs have approved the Hawaiian/Indian change in the Akaka Bill, and the Roll Commission has hired Aulani Apoliona and Soulee to facilitate with lobbying, we know that the White House will support our initiative. Inouye & Mazie will be assisting on the White House side as well. OHA Trustees have approved the approach and already voted weeks ago to give the Roll Commission about 2 million more dollars. The Kau Inoa  registration has been turned over to the Roll Commission and they will send out letters to every Kau Inoa registrant to get their approval for the Roll Commission to use their data for the Roll Commission effort.

We should all be thankful to our sisters Robin, Jade and Mahealani. Jade has done an incredible job in getting Interior on our side, but the feds were happy to assist once they understood we do not need money or land from the USA, only help to move this along.

As SCHHA members we have DHHL land and we can get the funds in OHA set aide for our new nation. This is also a good way for our Hawaiians as well, no need to join one nation, the SCHHA Nation will be “recognized” first and any other Sovereign group can also apply. There are many Indian Nations and there can be many Hawaiian Nations too.

As Senator says, there are many ways to skin a cat. Please share this only with SCHHA members, do not distribute to others including Civic Clubs.We do not have to go to the Congress. There are other ways to get Federal Recognition, including the Indian administrative process. You can find it by googleing 25 CFR Part 83.

Update: Here’s an update from Leon Siu further discussing the authenticity of the memo, and more importantly of the substance of the scheme it reveals.

Aloha kakou,

The controversy is growing over the memo that was recently leaked, revealing a plot by certain parties to be declared a “federally recognized” American Indian tribe so they can create a “Native Hawaiian governing entity” to take control of Hawaiian assets currently under OHA, DHHL, etc. Here is an update:

For those who asked, the Koani Foundation (who released the memo on Monday) will not reveal its sources nor where it was intercepted, but is absolutely certain the memo authentic.

But the real question should not be who wrote the memo or how Koani got it, it should be whether the diabolical scheme the memo reveals is real. Asking the wrong question rarely gets you the right answer.

So far Robin Danner (the head of CNHA)  and Kamaki Kanahele (the head of SCHAA) have both responded privately to individual inquirers by casting aspersions on the anonymity of the writer and dismissing it as a mean-spirited prank by disgruntled activists. But neither of them have publicly or privately denied the substance of the memo and the devious scheme it reveals. If there is no truth to the contents of the memo, they could easily put it to rest with a public statement denouncing the scheme.

Bringing the issue out into the open accomplishes a number of beneficial things. The named conspirators either have to own up to it and try to explain and justify their outlandish, greedy scheme; or they have to flatly, publicly deny it, which means once they do so, they won’t be able to execute their plan. Either way, we win. Remember, this tactic of exposing backdoor maneuvering has been successfully employed several times in the past to stop both Dan Inouye and Robin Danner.

Since Monday when the memo was released, people have pointed out a slew of minor, seemingly unrelated news items that now, in light of the memo, show how Inouye, the Danners and SCHAA have been quietly vetting this strategy to gain federal recognition directly through the president or the DOI. They’ve been plotting and positioning themselves for some time. This intercepted internal memo connects the dots and reveals the plot. To know the strategy of your opponent is a major game changer.

Anyway, Koani sounded the alarm and stole the conspirators’ element of surprise. They either have to come out into the open and fight, or stand down and crawl back into their holes. 

A hui hou,

5 comments to Leaked SCHHA memo reveals plan for federal recognition

  • I have not read this information all the way through. or carefully. It hits my stomach too hard.

  • Win808


    We aren’t idians! Federal recognition, what? A lame attempt to continue U.S. HEWA!
    If the parents of these numb nuts paid money for their schooling they should be
    full of shame! Po Ho da money!

    Indian! Why not change American to Hawaiian, they owe us anyway! Dumb A$$!

    How about flying the Hawaiian flag over the U.S. wouldn’t that be better than a Chinese flag over the U.S.? Who screwed up in 1893, the U.S. did!

    The only way to skin their cat involves getting their nose dirty brown!! Indian! Huh!

    We want recognition and reparation on an international level, not from a reject country!

    The U.S. is broke! They are facing a “Financial Cliff” all based on honor or treason?
    Guess what the foundation of the U.S. is built upon? You got it, treason!!!
    There is no honor in treason no matter how good the story!
    If the foundation of the U.S. was built upon honor the financial cliff wouldn’t be an issue!


  • kekoa

    Sounds like conspiracy for usurpation of sovereignty and confiscation of land in an occupied territory. Both are war crimes. Once they actually do it then they can be brought up on war crimes charges. Remember what ever they say or do can be used against them. According to the laws of war, Geneva and Hauge conventions, civilians along with gov’t. officals can be prosecuted for war crimes.

  • Ken Ng

    Remember the debacle perpetrated upon the aboriginals of Alaska by the Danners and their corporate/political overlords. And yes, they want to do the same to Hawaiians. The American occupation of Hawai’i has margenalized Hawaiian Nationals to the point that we are now strangers in a strange land. And land is what they want. How sad that the sellout comes from within. But that’s just what the occuipiers want. No dirty hands. Just dirty money. And make no mistake: money is the bottom line. Aue.

  • Hawaiian

    These people are Horrible, to the highest extent. We, Hawaiians must fight in order to gain our rights back.
    Robin, jade and whoever eles approve of this,…Shame On You!! How could you diliberatley take away the most Important assets we have. You All Should Be Put Behind Bars For Genocide. ‘AWE NA HO’I E !!

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