This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Federal deal reportedly reached to recognize native Hawaiians as Indian tribe

Report on (Michael Salla citing Free Hawaii TV):

Free Hawaii TV reported on October 29 that a deal has been reached between the Department of the Interior and the Obama administration to give federal recognition to native Hawaiians as an Indian Tribe. According to Free Hawaii TV, the deal is an attempt to do […]

Press Conference 10/31 re Restoring the Kingdom of Hawai’i



Restoring the Kingdom of Hawai’i

Waimanalo— We Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) are taking concrete steps to obtain the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii that was illegally stolen from us by the United States in 1893. Our case is not one of “secession”— it’s about the withdrawal […]

Celebrate Lā Kū‘okō‘a – Hawaiian Independence Day

Book Launch: “A Nation Rising”

Sunday, November 2, 3:00 pm

Revolution Bookstore

Book Launching, Book Signing, Reception & Photo Exhibit

“A Nation Rising: Hawaiian Movements for Life, Land and Sovereignty”

With editors Noelani Goodyear Ka`opua, Ikaika Hussey, Erin Kahunawaika`ala Wright; and photographer Ed Greevy.

Continuing the conversation… 3 presentations for Queen Lili’uokalani

NATIVE PLANET episode on Hawaii

NATIVE PLANET, Season 1, Episode 4 – Hawaii (from Canadian Television)

New book: “Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii” by Francis Boyle

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