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The Sovereignty Conversation forum #2 video

Here’s the video from the second forum of The Sovereignty Conversation series… A Fresh Look at Hawaiian History from Kamehameha to 1900 Tuesday, February 25, 7:00pm-8:30pm Olelo Community Media studio 1122 Mapunapuna St.

Harvard International Review: “Hawai‘i: An Occupied Country”

From the Winter 2014 edition of the Harvard International Review, “Hawai‘i: An Occupied Country” by Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua, here’s the PDF of the article to download, very worth reading:

Goodyear-Kaopua, Hawaii Occupied Country 2014

Sovereignty No Laughing Matter

Umi Perkins has a good response in the Hawaii Independent to Ian Lind’s piece that was published earlier in Honolulu Civil Beat. I have appreciated Lind’s writings in the past but in this case he really shows his ignorance and Perkins does a good job addressing some of the points.

Lind’s main problem is relying […]

Kekula testifying in Hana at 1993 Tribunal

Mahalo to Joan and Puhipau who sent this video hali‘a aloha for Kekula with her testimony in Hana at the 1993 Kaho‘okolokolonui, Peoples’ International Tribunal, followed by some words from Kekuni with video of Kekula during the tribunal days. (This is three months after I had met her and I was there in Hana, too.)


Aloha Denied

Very worth reading: Aloha Denied about the “video that has gone viral on You Tube, Reddit, and via social media and local news, a young Hawaiian man confronts ‘John Doe,’ his wife and visiting friends at Maui’s Kalama Beach Park.”

Series of Forums on Hawaiian Sovereignty


New Website: The Committee of Hawaiian Nationals

Check out this new website for The Committee of Hawaiian Nationals (hawaiiannational.com)

The Committee of Hawaiian Nationals (CHN) was formed a few years ago by the late Pomaikaʻiokalani Kinney, Pilipo Souza, Leon Siu and other patriots.

The purpose of the committee is to encourage people to get involved in peaceful, practical, creative actions to help […]