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Reactions to Akaka Bill demise

Star-Advertiser has an article with reactions to the Akaka Bill’s failure to pass and unlikelihood of passing anytime in the near future, with the usual supporters from the senator and OHA/CNHA, and the usual right-wing opponents represented here by Bill Burgess, and includes one independence perspective at the end:

Leon Siu, minister of foreign affairs […]

OHA to move ahead with nation building

Star-Advertiser reports

Native Hawaiian leaders plan to start forming their own new but unrecognized government following the failure of federal legislation to do so.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee Haunani Apoliona on Tuesday called for the state-funded agency to sign people up to enroll as participants in the formation of a future Hawaiian government.

A […]

Study requested for Native Hawaiian government

From the Star-Advertiser

A federal government spending measure pending in the U.S. Senate calls for a study on forming a Native Hawaiian governing entity.

The one-sentence language mandating the study was inserted into a $1.27 trillion appropriations bill that’s expected to be considered this week.

The study’s unspecified cost would be paid by the Department […]

Article “Sai v. Obama, et al: Hawaii’s Legal Case Against the United States”

Check out this good article by Jon Letman in Truthout.org “Sai v. Obama, et al: Hawaii’s Legal Case Against the United States” reviewing Keanu Sai’s legal case against the United States, with some other perspectives on the case and it’s ramifications.

Report of Ku’e Action Protesting Abercrombie’s Inauguration at ‘Iolani Palace

From Leon Siu…

December 6, 2010

Report of Ku’e Action Protesting Abercrombie’s Inauguration at ‘Iolani Palace

The Ku’e Action was fantastic! At about 9:30 AM our gang processed mauka on Mililani Street sounding the pu and flying hae Hawaii and banners. The procession crossed over King Street and we situated ourselves right at the main […]

Sai v Obama – Civic Clubs Acknowledging Queen Lili`uokalani’s Agreements

From Keanu re Sai v Obama et al

UPDATE: DECEMBER 2, 2010 — On November 13, 2010, the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at their annual convention at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, Island of Hawai`i, unanimously passed Resolution No. 10-15 titled Acknowledging Queen Lili`uokalani’s Agreements with President Grover Cleveland to Execute Hawaiian […]