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Visit Hawaii! Satirical Tourism Ad

Check out this very funny satirical tourism ad for Hawaii that shares a lot of truths! From The Juice Media.

Sovereignty Conversations 23

Brandon and Bumpy share about their experience with Al Jazeera Plus visiting Puuhonua O Waimanalo and telling the story of the land base of the Nation of Hawaii, and talk about blockchain technology among other topics.

AJ+ on Hawaiian Sovereignty

Three-part series on AJ+ on Hawaiian issues, history and sovereignty, featuring Bumpy Kanahele and the Nation of Hawaii.

A Power in the World: Hawaiian Kingdom as a Pivot of the Asia-Pacific

Independent Hawaii on Coast to Coast radio

Dr. Keanu Sai is featured on Coast to Coast radio show with George Noory.

In the first half, Dr. David “Keanu” Sai, who has a Ph.D. in Political Science specializing in Hawaiian Constitutionalism and International Relations, argued that Hawaii is not legally a US State, and it should be considered a sovereign nation, as it […]

Issues That Matter feat. Lenzerini & Sai

Issues that Matter recorded on Feb. 1, 2017, welcomes Italian National Dr. Federico Lenzerini and Dr Keanu Sai discussing work at the Permanent Court of Arbitration; International Commission of Inquiry/Larson Case.

Permanent Court of Arbitration: Int’l Commission of Inquiry

Hawaii Five-0 Episode featuring Nation of Hawaii

Here’s the episode of Hawaii Five-0 featuring Nation of Hawaii, on CBS website available streaming for free.

Nation of Hawaii struggles featured in ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) – The next episode of “Hawaii Five-0” may be more fact than fiction.

Producers say they wanted to tackle a real issue with a storyline that has relevance in today’s world so they decided to feature the ongoing struggle of Native Hawaiians seeking recognition as […]

“King of Hawaii” calls into separatist conference in Moscow

Not sure who the “King of Hawaii” is who called into the conference, but an interesting little tidbit here from ABC News regarding a separatist conference in Moscow:

Nate Smith, executive director of the Texas Nationalist Movement, looked uncertain as a man identifying himself as an east Ukrainian resistance fighter pledged solidarity to Smith’s struggle […]