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By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Press Conference 10/31 re Restoring the Kingdom of Hawai’i



Restoring the Kingdom of Hawai’i

Waimanalo— We Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) are taking concrete steps to obtain the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii that was illegally stolen from us by the United States in 1893. Our case is not one of  “secession”— it’s about the withdrawal of the United States civilian and military forces from the Hawaiian islands.

In early 2015, over 130,000 Kanaka Maoli scrutinized through a verification process, will convoke a Convention in which I will propose the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the creation of a Provisional Government of National Unity for it.

Toward that end, our long-time Attorney Professor Francis A. Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law  (217-333-7954; has written a new book entitled Restoring the Kingdom  of Hawaii: The Kanaka Maoli  Route to Independence (Clarity Press: 2014) setting forth our legal right to do so. Hawaiian by Birth, American by Force!

Press Conference
10 AM Friday, October 31, 2014
Pu‘uhonua O Waimanalo
41-1300 Waikupanaha Street
Waimanalo, HI 96795

9 comments to Press Conference 10/31 re Restoring the Kingdom of Hawai’i

  • caide

    And all Hawaiian citizens and nationals will help you restore a Hawaiian government for all who pledge allegiance to our Nation.

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Honestly, I don’t know what the International Community will do, or the local community, or anything else….legally, if that’s necessary even. I’m 100% for the announcement Hoorah!!; and I say WHY NOT! If OHA and the US Feds are attempting a skullduggery secret (not so secret now) backdoor cowardly runaround to make Hawaiian Nationals an Indian Tribe without consent…by the way Hawaiian Nationals were not just Kanaka Maoli…I say if it works beat them the, “Indian-ers”, to the punch the blinkin’ bloody turds!!!

  • lilihakeolanui

    I guess I’m in doubt about this press conference by someone that as far as I know has laid none of the groundwork in legal documentation under Hawaiian Kingdom law and/or International law… and his lawyer is a citizen of the illegal occupying United States who is selling his book through a webpage linked to from this press conference… Hogwash… I will await a press conference by subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom before I pledge my allegience…

  • Tim reis

    Wouldn’t a government established under the 1864 Hawaiian constitution be what we are shooting for, since that constitution was recognized internationally?
    No need seek recognition, we have it.

  • Ikaika

    Not sure what legal documentation of HK law has to do with anything, there is so much information out there on it from people like Keanu Sai and others so I’m sure HK law is pretty much covered but if your talking about international Law, Francis Boyle is a highly regarded professor of international law, try google his name and unfourtanately at this current moment in time we are also US citizens, for now at least but not after we have this convention.

  • lilihakeolanui

    Agreed, Tim Reis, the 1864 Constitution would reinstate the already existent, internationally recognized and respected nation state of the Hawaiian Kingdom, under the rule of Queen Lili’uokalani, before the US illegal occupation in 1893… Attorney Boyle may be an expert in international law, but I see no evidence of his legal action or documentation on behalf of this movement’s claim to sovereignty… I do see a seemingly identical web address and webpage banner to that of, the internationally verified nation state, but nothing else… It seems to me that to create a new constitution would be to disclaim the continuity of Lili’uokalani’s Kingdom from 1893 to today, and by that disclaimer, to nullify any claim you believe you may have to the already internationally verified nation state of the Hawaiian Kingdom whose flag flies beside that of Great Britain at the Hague in the Netherlands…

  • WIN808

    I agree with Tim and Lilihakeolanui!

    And, wouldn’t this propsed con-con be consistent with the
    1887 Bayonet constitution, unlawfully held while the
    Hawaiian legislature is out of session?

    From above:
    In early 2015, over 130,000 Kanaka Maoli scrutinized through a verification process, will convoke a Convention in which I will propose the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the creation of a Provisional Government of National Unity for it.

    What? 130k Kanaka maoli, from where? They should know that a lot
    of us are hybrid Hawaiians of mixed ethnicity, Kanaka! And what
    about Hawaiians without the koko, aren’t they included? For that
    matter you may as well put this in front of a U.S. national vote
    so as to avoid violation of the U.S. equal protection act!
    Bumpy, no matter what way you try to move you’re stopped out!
    You should take heed to an old saying that goes like this:
    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! If the U.S. helping you no
    give’um hard time, just give in! Just stay on the U.S. side of the
    Attempting to create a provisional government is like you’re
    paying homage to the entity that created hewa in the Islands and
    circumventing the sovereign existence of the Hawaiian Kingdom!

    Hawaiian is a political term not a racial percentage, don’t box
    us in!

    Bumpy re-think what you’re wanting to do, take a step back,
    sometimes when you’re too close to something it’s hard to see the
    big picture and don’t get blinded or black mailed because of land
    leases or money. Be pono!

  • WIN808

    And one more thing:

    The statement: Hawaiian by birth American by force, to me is
    a fallacy. No one is forcing you to be an American or anything
    else for for that matter including being a Hawaiian!

    By your own admission you are an American, hung by you own tongue!
    And on the flip side it almost seems as though being born a
    Hawaiian was a burden?

    No matter where you are in this universe if you are a Hawaiian, irrespective of individual racial profile, you will gravitate
    toward that in which you hold to be true!

    Nuff said

  • Hanamaikai

    Now is the time, the people are strong and ready to take back what is rightfully theirs. Let’s not bicker and correct the wrong that we and our kupunas have endured for over a century, all for economic reasons. The younger generation are strong and Akamai. Holomua for restoration. Don’t listen to any other political rhetoric to delay this, Ku Kiai Mauna is the foundation to lead everyone in the same direction. Our love for the Alina will lead us to restoration of the kingdom.

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