Reinstated Hawaiian Government serves notice on Lingle, state

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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 01:04:43 +0000 (GMT)
From: naliko1 @
Subject: Prime Minister Noa and Mokupuni o O'ahu government officials serving Lingle, Cabinet, and Legislators

Aloha e oukou mau aloha 'aina....

This morning, Monday December 8th, 2008, reinstated Kingdom of Hawai'i Prime MInister Henry Noa, supported by O'ahu government officials, has served or is in the process of serving Governor Linda Lingle, Attorney General Mark Bennet, her cabinet members and the legislators of the defacto State of Hawai'i government with formal legal documents comprising packages of NOTICES OF AUTHORITY of the LAWFULLY REINSTATED SOVEREIGN HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT, THE KINGDOM OF HAWAI'I.  

This action is a response to recent newspaper headlines describing Governor Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Benett moving to take control of the "ceded" Kingdom of Hawai'i government lands so the State would be able to sell the lands to benefit all the people of Hawai'i.


These are lands stolen at gun-point by the United States of America in an unprovoked ACT OF WAR against a friendly treaty partner on January 17th, 1893. In addition to suspending the activities of a sovereign foreign government and denying it's citizens their basic human right of self-government and self-determination, The United States of America ceded the lands taken in the armed robbery to the un-democratic, un-popular fraud of a sugar planter puppet government it illegally installed and supported with belligerent military force.  Subsequently, in a self-choreographed response to an illegal annexation treaty request by an illegal government, the original gunman, the thief, the armed robber, The United States of America, negotiated with its own bastard creation, the Republic of Hawai'i for the ceding of the country, nation and its people back to the illegal control of the United States as a "trust" territory in the illegal annexation charade in 1898.

After the illegal Statehood vote of 1959, the United States of America had the nerve to "cede" control of Hawaiian Kingdom lands which it never owned in the first place, back to the illegal entity it created and installed in 1893, but now called the State of Hawai'i. These lands, being stolen property, stolen at the point of United States Marine Corp. weapons, can never be lawfully taken and sold by the thieves who took them nor their descendents of today. They have been euphemistically been termed the "ceded trust lands" being held for the rightful owners.....the descendents of the lawful citizens of the Kingdom of Hawai'i. The State's own laws HRS - 359 (1993) recognize that these lands, including Kaho'olawe, are to be "held in trust" by the state of Hawai'i for the return of the rightful owners, the Native Kanaka Maoli Hawaiians when they present themselves as a sovereign government of their own choosing. 

And yet, these bloodthirsty, vicious, greedy, black-hearted foreigners refuse to recognize the law, their law, human rights, ethics, morals, and recognize the peacefully and lawfully reinstated government of the Queen and her loving subjects, our great grandparents. We are the rightful owners and are trying to claim our lands. WE are responsible enough to administer our own affairs and do not need trusteeship, a trust, nor trustees. WE are not children nor impaired nor challenged adults who cannot lokk after our selves. WE are tired of being insulted. WE Kanaka Maoli should be very angry at the shabby treatment our Tutu and Makua were subjected to. WE Kanaka Maoli should be very angry at what our children are being and will be subjected to. WE should be very angry st what we are currently being forced to do, enslaved by a foreign economic system, empoverished to enrich foreigners. displaced off our lands to make room for recreation properties, to watch from a distance as all we have held dear to us is levelled, buried, polluted and destroyed for all time, to die in poverty displaced somewhere in the land from where they came from.

The actions of the United States of America throughout the world as manifested by the actions of Lingle and Bennet graphically illustrate the American version of "trust" and "honor" and "law" and "justice" and "legal". Remember these things when you hear Lingle speak words like "aloha", "mahalo", "Hawaiian at heart" and "pono". E ala e na Kanaka!


Posted: Mon - December 8, 2008 at 03:10 PM    
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