This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Proof the U.S. planned and executed the overthrow

Everyone needs to watch this.

Remember this clause from the Apology?

Whereas, on January 14, 1893, John L. Stevens (hereafter referred to in this Resolution as the “United States Minister”), the United States Minister assigned to the sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of the Kingdom of Hawaii, including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii;

Well it turns out, the conspiracy went far beyond Stevens. He was just the fall guy, along with the local military commander.

Whereas, the report of a Presidentially established investigation conducted by former Congressman James Blount into the events surrounding the insurrection and overthrow of January 17, 1893, concluded that the United States diplomatic and military representatives had abused their authority and were responsible for the change in government;

Whereas, as a result of this investigation, the United States Minister to Hawaii was recalled from his diplomatic post and the military commander of the United States armed forces stationed in Hawaii was disciplined and forced to resign his commission;

But now through some amazing research Buzzy Agard has uncovered a document that proves that the United States government and military didn’t just “support” the overthrow, they actively planned and executed it, from the very top.  Watch…. (good to get the background but at 19:55 is the actual document)

Aloha Aina Talk story with host Anne Keala Kelly delves into the hard to hear facts discovered by our Aloha Aina (Hawaiian Patriot) warriors who are on the mission to see a Free and Independent Hawaii Restored. In this show, Keala Kelly talks story with Uncle Buzzy about his lifelong work to expose Dispatch 74, a coded telegram and a decoder he found amongst all his research between here and Baltimore, Maryland.

Hawaii Sandalwood Trees: Politics and Hope

Aftermath of DOI Proposal on Federal Recognition


Strategies to Free Hawai’i talk story

Talk Story Flyer Na Mea 2

Maui Council supports probe of 1893 agreements

From the Maui News:

Maui County Council members gave unanimous support Friday for a move in the state Legislature to convene a panel to probe two executive agreements related to the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy.

Council Member Elle Cochran, who initiated county support of state House Concurrent Resolution 107, said the council action does not commit it to a position on the matter but does support the intent to gather more information.

The resolution was introduced in the state Legislature by state Rep. Mele Carroll, who represents residents of East Maui, Molokai and Lanai. It would establish “a joint legislative committee to investigate the status of executive agreements known as the Lili’uokalani Assignment and the Agreement of Restoration.”

Defected: Testing Hawaiian Sovereignty

A 5-part series from Big Island Video News on Kale Gumapac.

Occupation talk story with Kelly, Sai & Kaeo

On Friday, August 1, 2014, “Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii” was screened to an audience of more than 100 people at the Kaunoe Center on Maui. The talk-story that followed the screening featured filmmaker, Anne  Keala Kelly asking Dr. Keanu Sai and Kaleikoa Kaeo to explain the difference between Decolonization and De-Occupation.

Sai open letter to U.S. Asst Sec’ry of Insular Affairs

The Honolulu Civil Beat has published an open letter from Dr. Keanu Sai to  U.S. Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs Esther Kiaaina, building “an argument that without a treaty, the Hawaiian Kingdom remains sovereign, and that Hawaii has been under a long illegal occupation dating back to the 19th century.”

Resistance Radio interview with Keala Kelly

Interview with Anne Keala Kelly that aired Aug. 3 on Resistance Radio with Derrick Jensen.

Anne Keala Kelly is an award winning, Native Hawaiian filmmaker and journalist whose works focus primarily on the early 21st century Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Her feature length documentary, Noho Hewa, has been screened and broadcast internationally and is widely taught in university courses that focus on indigenous peoples, the Pacific, and colonization.

Liko & Laulani – Music of Aloha ‘Aina & Emancipation


Bumpy Kanahele Interviewed by Champ at Pu`uhonua o Waimanalo