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Queen Liliu’okalani in Daily Mail

The Daily Mail in London has a feature today on Queen Liliu’okalani

2 comments to Queen Liliu’okalani in Daily Mail

  • kekoa

    Typical lazy due diligence in author’s research for this article. Same old cookie cutter (cut-n-paste)misinformation which produces a slanted view of the overthrow. Authors like this need to update their research we are not living in the 1800’s. Somehow they fail to see the Queen’s composure and poise in the midst of dealing with the overthrow. The Queen’s diplomacy was spot on in handling the violations of international law with U.S. president Grover Cleveland. First, assigning her executive power to president Cleveland to administer Hawaiian Kingdom law over the Hawaiian Islands as he investigates the actions of his diplomat and military. This is known as the “Lili’okalani assignment”, an executive agreement entered into with President Cleveland which bound himself and successor Presidents to administer Kingdom Law in Hawaii. Cleveland’s investigation concluded that the U.S. vioated international law and was legally obligated to restore the Queen’s government and return her executive power. This brought about negotiation for the settlement of the overthrow. This was the second executive agreement between both heads of state known as the Restoration agreement. Which bound President Cleveland and all successor Presidents to restore the Queen and her government to what it was before the U.S. troops landed, return her executive power and she grant amnesty to all involved. Until such time that takes place the first executive agreement remains the law of the land.
    Amazing how these so called authors overlook this part of history when writing about the Queen, the overthrow and a so called joint resolution of annexation which violates the executive agreements.

  • Ken Ng

    Amazing indeed! History as written by the victors.

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