This blog is about Hawaii's status as an independent country under prolonged illegal occupation by the United States, and the history, culture, law & politics of the islands.

By Scott Crawford, Hana, Maui


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Aha Kanaka Ku’oko’a – Independence Forum



September 25, 2010 from 10am to 3pm

Location: IMIN International Conference Center, Jefferson Hall, Keoni Auditorium, U.H. Manoa.

Phone: 808-233-8500.

Organized By: Co-sponsored by Ho’omana ‘Oiwi, Hawai’i People Fund, Reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom, Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Hawaiian leaders of various groups have been invited to shre their process for Indpendence with the community at this Forum

3 comments to Aha Kanaka Ku’oko’a – Independence Forum

  • The forum and panel presenting their positions on independence should also present their genealogy, a plan and a budget that our country may need to move forward and form the Hawaiian legislature.

    Not to mention what laws are at their foundation and what do they think about the issues we face now, should we be placed under the US military courts? in the process of ending the continual illegal US military
    occupation of Hawai’i. Below are some issues to consider prior to moving towards an election to conclude the true Hawaiian legislature.

    Such as Immigration issues, education, jobs, water, lands, tourism, militarism, housing and restructuring of our government to be able to understand how to write and apply our Hawaiian constitution in Hawai’i.

    Immigration issues: Many immigrants and settlers to Hawai’i will have to be naturalized in order to live here, depending on how long and for what purposes are driving them to come here to live?

    Eduation: This issue should be restructured with new cooperation of many entities and looking at the needs of the school buldings, curriculums, additions and substraction of waste in the DOE system today. As a
    descendant of Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop, it saddens me to see our people in prison, while Kamehameha schools sit by and watch as our people end up in the tenement houses in the dumps of Tin-can-alley. It is
    about time the system of trustees end because they have made bad investments

    Jobs: Is a rights issue. Every person living in Hawai’i should have a job whether it is working in the home, on the farm or at your business in order to care for themselves, their ‘ohana and their government.

    Lands: What is their understanding of land issues and our people’s right to occupy their piece of the aina left to us by Kamehameha I, II, III especially as it relates to the Great Mahele and how that impacts on us as
    native tenants and on our culture. What is their feed back on the military wanting more lands and what is their feed back for the military? What about the environment; more development on agricultural lands ann
    the desecration of our na kupuna oiwi? Do they think that we should start advocating for people NOT TO MOVE TO HAWAI’I because our people needs the land as well as their children and grand children to come.

    Food: We need to secure all of our agricultural lands to grow lots of food in all of our ahupua’a, especially out in the Ewa plains where our tutu grew taro, built fish ponds and practiced their culture.

    Water: Water is very precious to us as there is very little of the drinking water, for growing food, herbs, flowers and taro and our ocean waters need more protecting by our government.

    Housing: Every person and family needs to own their homes in Hawai’i and do away with, “temporary housing” and continued eviction of Hawaiians off of the beaches has to end.

    Tourism and militarism: These go hand in hand and needs to be taken over by Hawaiians who understands Hawaiian laws, the culture and practitioners who know about our the true history of our lands.

    Restructuring of our government from a greedy capitalist class to the national working class warriors ready to guard and protect our boarders by forming our own military when the occupation ends, giving our
    people all the benefits the US military receives today because that is the way it should be.

    The rail is another issue, we as independents have to start shifting the thinking of the unions who are involved in many construction projects to begin shifting from construction to agriculture in every ahupua’a. In
    this way, people living in their community can walk to work or get dropped off and picked up in their own community, clearing the roads of traffic making as little pollution as possible…eliminating the rail. The
    rail runds of 5.5 Billion should be spent on this shift that would take education, training and agricultural in the big restoration projects of lo’i, farming, poultry, flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, hemp and paper
    trees for paper and building materials. The reason I am against the rail is because we are an island with little lands, water and food to feed the overflow already here and many of those who are homeless from
    many other countries living here today putting a strain on the infrastructure of our resources; schools, roads, water, food and jobs. We are already over populated with people and cars that needs to be downsized.

    Born for this job of putting our people on their lands, my parents and I knew it would take all of my life time to make a dent and we did, with the very first case that made it to the world court in the Netherlands,
    with Lance Larsen and Keanu Sai. I know that there were alot of people who were jealous, but get over it. There is still alot of levels to complete before the office of the Queen is restored and it takes dedication,
    focus and contracts.

    This work is not for the faint at heart or those who are opportunists for the short while who wander into our movement for selfish reasons is hewa. Don’t be like John Waihe’e and some of the others who were
    Hawaiian by blood, but Americans in practice is also hewa.

    While in the Netherlands I learned that there were a couple men who flew to the world court to stop the Larsen case from moving foward by saying that Keanu didn’t represent them…and he did not go there to
    represent them. I am saddened by their actions and pray that one day soon our country will be restored using the Cleveland-Liliuokalani agreement.

    Gotta go now and I will end it here. I would like to leave what i wrote for the younger generations who we will train to guard our country and our borders, with your na kupuna kahiko and Io looking over you.

    Kawehi Kanui, Ahpua’a of Waimanalo
    Crown Lands of The Great Mahele

  • Lima 'Ula

    Aloha Kakou.
    This gathering is to be welcomed as a step in the right direction. Again, a new Sovereignty Independence Model for 2010-2011 should be given consideration. Much of the available documentation on Independence appears to be dated. How do you get resident Americans interested in supporting Independence? Suppose say they would be paying 50% less personal taxation under Hawaiian Independence this could act as an incentive.
    Many answers come by way of group consensus, effectively the answers are already within the Hawaiian National community.

  • Ken Ng

    Occupation. De-occupation. Reintegration. Self governance. Independence. Let’s hope this
    meeting was the catalyst for action and change. Was it?

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