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22nd Annual Ho‘oku‘ikahi – Reconciliation Commemoration


2 comments to 22nd Annual Ho‘oku‘ikahi – Reconciliation Commemoration

  • Christopher Sorrell

    Aloha kakou,
    I am planning to attend this event and I have not done so before, however, I am curious as to what is being reconciled. I am a bit suspicious on the surface, as I am thinking, “Is this like the US Apology Bill?” An apology that said in effect sorry I kidnapped your Mother but she’s going to remain cooking, cleaning, and entertaining me. In my way of thinking, a reconciliation would include, and must include, rectifying acts to right, correct, and clearly address wrongs, crimes, and villainy. So, I hope to be surprised by the event by seeing and hearing a full scope of reconciliation demonstrated.

  • Christopher Sorrell

    I have taken a few days to ponder and digest the event’s programme and speakers. And, I can say I’m glad it happened and will be a regular event/service yearly. There were speakers who kindly reminded the congregation of the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness, and the Queen as a true model of it to us. However, there was also, to balance the former, a clear message of the Hawaiian Kingdom still extant; and that fact being recongnized more and more internationally, in the US by many, and at home. So, what I feared as a service with platitudes and fuzzy sentiment was rather spot on for the majority. And I was pleased and amused, and informed, by LS who as I looked on the Programme was not a scheduled speaker but stood up in the Pulpit and spoke for the Hawaiian Kingdom, as mentioned above. It was not a cosmetic event, but invited all to be involved in acts that will bring reconciliation. I do want to criticize a bit of fuzziness, in my opinion, a section of the programme that was poorly written, ” Candlelight Ceremony: At this time we light these candles in the darkness of the world, in recognition of the ongoing, continuing, and eternal justice, nonviolence, and reconciliation of Queen Liliuokalani [sic], that lives and is inspired in each of us, and the hope of justice and mercy for all people of Hawaii [sic] and the world…” This is a grab-bag sentence, and I wonder if anyone looked at it before they printed it? Poor repetition, fuzzy sentimentality, wording run-on like a well- meaning non-English speaker to name a few. Just what was it trying to get at? Conversely, we did begin the Service with Hawai’i Pono’i and that was chicken-skin.

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