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Hawai‘i’s historical connection with Crimea and neutrality

Very interesting article connecting history of Hawai’i with current affairs in Crimea…. The Hawaiian Kingdom was involved with the development of international neutrality agreements back in 1854 during and following the Crimean War, and was itself declared and recognized as a neutral country. That neutrality has been violated by the US for over 121 years.

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  • Lima 'Ula.

    Aloha kakou.
    Currently Russian Federation troops are in Crimea without unit or nationality emblems displayed, there was an interesting article in “The Guardian” a Manchester, UK based newspaper on the legality of this under the Geneva Convention:


    It is somewhat alarming to have groups of armed local militia following these regular Russian Federation troops as their political loyalties and allegiance may be suspect, they (the militia) could easily instigate a confrontation which likely would escalate. What is to stop an armed group of goons from robbing a bank in Kerch and saying they were loyal to the Russian Federation? or Kiev, Ukrainian supporters for that matter?

    Writing of armed goons and Crimea, what of the armed goons during the unlawful January 1893 overthrow? John Good an American ordnance officer for the treasonous conspirators shot and injured an unarmed member of the Royal Honolulu Police Constabulary outside Hall & Sons, Fort Street, Honolulu on January 17, 1893. Author Stephen Dando-Collins gives a good account of that episode in his “Taking Hawai’i” (May, 2009) book. You can read about this almost fatal encounter by scrolling down here:



  • Lima 'Ula.

    Aloha kakou.
    As a footnote, the latest update on the Hawaiian Kingdom blog (posted on March 7th) is titled “Hawai’i and the Crimean conflict” which Scott has linked above, if you scroll down to paragraph seven it specifies why these citizens defence groups are on the ground in Crimea.

    By way of viewpoint whoever wrote that article on the Hawaiian Kingdom blog deserves credit, IMHO it is the finest piece ever written on Hawai’i and it’s association with International Law in a modern crisis, it borders on a masterpiece. Mahalo nui loa!

    You can actually e-mail President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and/or the Russian Presidential Office, I took this liberty a short while ago and asked him to kindly take a look at the Hawaiian Kingdom blog re. the Crimea and to if possible relay same to his Foreign Policy advisory team in answer to future U.S. Senator Kerry-style media references to the Russian Federation and International Law. Do not expect a reply from the President in person once it is relayed they are at least aware of the belligerent occupation of Hawai’i.

    The e-mail contact address of President Putin is: http://www.eng.letters.kremlin.ru/

    As the address implies you can address your letter in English, it is a very simple registration process which accesses the Presidential Directorate for correspondence from citizens and organisations. In the box “Organization” (as in who you represent) I entered “Private Citizen” if you are patriotic you could enter “Hawaiian Kingdom National.” There exists a saying ‘Never talk to the toes when you can talk to the po’o (head).’


  • Lima 'Ula.

    Journalist Alberto Riva scribed an absorbing article for the reputable “International Business Times” last week, according to Gary D. Solis a legal expert on the Laws of War ‘Article 4 of the 3rd Geneva Convention says you have to wear symbols recognisable at a distance, but they do not need to indicate national origin.’


    The provided link to Toni Pfanner’s Paper “Military uniforms and the Law of War fails to open, in order to configure the jigsaw pieces together the Paper is worthy of a read:


    Alberto Riva’s article is already a week old, when the Russian intervention first occurred U.S. national Security Adviser Zbignen Brezinski reasoning notes “in the event of serious Ukrainian resistance he (Putin) could disown the initiative and pull back.”

    From a Hawaiian perspective the Justia website had a similar article with a legal interpretation under current International Law:


    How history appears to repeat itself the parallels with the local unlawful 1893 overthrow are unmistakeable. Aloha.

  • Lima 'Ula.

    Edit: The above first link to the “International Business Times” article by Alberto Riva fails to open please click here instead, mahalo:


    It appears every time you read a local Hawaiian daily newspaper nowadays the sections are labeled “State” and “Nation” it gets a little wearying over time the constant references to U.S. law, and U.S. Judge Diddlum, the Hawaiian Kingdom law cases can easily be accessed online, it is high time the Statehood fraud fraud was exposed for the pernicious evil it represents. Aloha.

  • Lima 'Ula.

    The Crimean ballot paper for next Sunday is translated to English on the BBC News website, just click on the interactive numbers 1,2, &3 to translate:


    The U.S. Government says it will not recognise the results, the IWCJ at The Hague view is that International Law contains no prohibition on unilateral Declarations of Independence.

  • Lima 'Ula.

    Aloha kakou.
    Just been in receipt of an e-mail from Sevastapol Newspaper/News Sevastopol which is automatically translated from Russian to English posted today March 16, 2014 at 05:52a.m. PDT: “Ukrainian military personnel of military units called the election commission with complaints of their commanders who do not allow them to participate in the referendum in the status of the peninsula.”

    Understand these are Ukrainian troops who were already stationed in the Crimea before the Russian Federation troops intervention. For Hawaiian Nationals by way of viewpoint this election is worth monitoring on the U.S. Government’s stance on International Law, the hypocrisy of the fraudulent 1959 plebiscite in Hawai’i and this same U.S. Government trumpeting about the rights of minorities. There are a number of Russian newspapers online in English, often the Western media does not give a full account of the plebiscite.

    http://www.russiaherald.com/ and http://www.themoscowtimes.com


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